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The latest powerhouse vocalist to emerge and blossom out of Danny Bedrosian’s sonic Boz Funk Labs is
Teresa Jimenez. Having laid down truly extrasensory vocal sensations on Secret Army’s conceptual
masterwork of last year, “Sleaziest of the Greaze”, she now delivers her debut set in fine form and
intoxicating exaltation. She nor the band (featuring various P-Funk All-Stars and other assorted funkables)
disappoints by covering a full musical palette in an operatic, folksy, eclectic melange of jazz and hard funk.
A refreshing throwback to a time when singer met audience on common ground. Not satisfied with being a
lounge act merely singing over backing tracks , Teresa personalizes these songs with unique flavorings
and uncompromising expression like on the fantastical ambient rock ballad “Unspoken Man”.

The astounding breadth and scope of her styles come to full fruition as she transforms tracks like the
vampy “Evopollution” into lush vocal soundscapes. The band’s earthy guitar and keyboard-driven grooves
often express themselves in polished acoustic gleam like “Holy War” and the Lennon-esque “Cause
Sometimes You Have To”. Danny Bedrosian’s piano playing is once again top notch as tracks like the
enchanting “Little Sherry”, the funky “Risk Pt. I” & the equally luscious “Risk Pt. 2” allows him to really
showcase his saucy classical chops. Simply joyous!

P-Funk’s Garry Shider even wades in the water and leads Jimenez over a gelatinous slab of thickset drum
loop into a Gospel-tinged slow funk churner called “Adelic”. She meshes with and glides over Felix Lahuti’
s electric violins on the seamless “Mostly Happy”. The late night fusion of “Midnight Tequilla” takes you
into the smoke-filled after hours jazz clubs of Harlem Renaissance NYC. In fact, I’d love to sit down to a
rum & coke and take these jams live, and although Bedrosian continues to show his studio wizardry the
feel you get here is like a live performance, Jimenez hits you like a concerto for one. The music speaks to
you on such a subjective, personal level it naturally induces the listener into a delightful overture of
elated bliss. Over the past couple of years the Boz Funk crew has produced some of the most creative
new music found anywhere on the planet and this remarkable legacy continues to expound with Teresa
Jimenez’ “Get Stereo”.

-Reviewed by “Bustin” Bob Mitchell, and longtime Southeastern and Midwestern-based radio
d.j. in the United States.

Tallahassee funkateer and keyboard ace Danny Bedrosian has been a busy musical bee. He recently
finished producing "Get Stereo," the debut CD by local chanteuse Teresa Jiminez, his Secret Army
bandmate. It's $12 and can be purchased online at (click on the BOZFONK tab)
and other sites, including and If you just can't wait to wrap your ears around it, you
can achieve instant aural gratification by picking up the disc at Vinyl Fever, CD Warehouse or Newbury

-From the Tallahassee Democrat, major newspaper publication in Florida.

The debut show for Teresa Jimenez' Get Stereo project has finally happened, and it was a blast! Preceded
by two or three weeks of one or two songs a week at the Funk and Blues night at the Warehouse in
Tallahassee, this week's show had a full one hour set of some of Teresa's most stunning works. The setlist
(all the songs save one are from her debut album, available now on, www.,,, and many more!) was as follows:

EVOPOLLUTION (D.Bedrosian, M.Munoz)
WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY (D.Bedrosian, T.Jimenez, J.Picken, J.Fowler)
MOSTLY HAPPY (D.Bedrosian, T.Jimenez, L.Curry, F.Lahuti, J.Picken)
CAUSE SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO (M.Maloney, D.Bedrosian, C.Bryant)
FORWARD BUT SIDEWAYS (T.Jimenez, D.Bedrosian)
ADELIC (D.Bedrosian, T.Jimenez, G.Shider, M.Maloney, M.Munoz)
HOLY WAR (M.Maloney, D.Bedrosian)
UNSPOKEN MAN (D.Bedrosian, T.Jimenez, M.Munoz)
THE SAME (J.Deming, M.Soucy, T.Jimenez, D.Bedrosian)

The band was an amazing amalgamation of members of various WEFUNK SOUTH/BOZFONK MOOSICK
groups. The vocal section too, had much prowress, and the audience was packed and captivated by the
overall sonically stunning performance.

The band was as follows:

TERESA JIMENEZ - Lead Vocals, Bandleader
DANNY BEDROSIAN - Keyboards & Synthesizers, Backup Vocals, Music Director
MIKE MALONEY - Lead/Rhythm and Solo Guitar
RAL BRYANT - Bass Guitar

Teresa's debut album Get Stereo was available for purchase at the show as well, and highly prized after
the smash debut performance. Everyone in the house had a great time that night; the most noticeable
thing was how much it affected both males and females positively. There was something for everyone in
this set. Funk, Folk, Soul, Jazz, Rock, Gospel, Psychedelia, and (of course) fusion.

If you missed this amazing debut, please do not miss the next one!! Teresa is both an incredibly
captivating and talented vocalist. The songs are amazing, the musicians are amazing, and the sound is
unique and yet completely viable to everyone. DO NOT miss the next Get Stereo show from Miss TERESA

-Tigran Hovanissian

The Teresa Jimenez CD Release Show was just held at the Warehouse in Tallahassee, FL. The Lounge act
Powder Blue opened up and kept the crowd dancing, laughing, and generally entertained throughout their
hilariously choreographed set.

Teresa Jimenez delivered her biggest set yet, delving deep into the deepest nether regions of her debut
album Get Stereo, which was available for sale that night. She and her band did her WHOLE album, as well
as a couple covers (one blues ballad, and one rare George Clinton penned tune), as well as four BRAND
NEW songs that will be on her next album.

If you missed it, we hope you make it out for the next show!! Thanks to Jay at the Warehouse, Deanna "lady
D", Jamie Campbell, Dwayne Dungey, Jeff Kassabian, Adrien (thanks for the catering!!), Tim, and all the fans
and friends of Teresa, Get Stereo, and Powder Blue that came out to support us.


Desmond D'Angelo - Vocals
Dave Kelsay - Drums
Sir Rothenburg - Trombone
Dylan Bradley-Brown - Bass Guitar
Charlie Cox - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Jes Bradley - Percussion

Teresa Jimenez - Lead Vocals
Danny Bedrosian - Keyboards, Vocals, Music Director
Mike Maloney - Lead/Rhythm guitar, Vocals
Marc Munoz - Lead/Rhythm guitar
Dave Kelsay - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Jes Bradley - Drums, Percussion
Elise Bedrosian - Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Cobb - Bass Guitar

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December 4 - The Warehouse-Funk and Blues-Tallahassee, FL-Two Song set
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January 30 - Yianni’s-Tallahasssee, FL-Twelve Songs (full featured set opening for the Soular System)
March 20 - The Warehouse - Tallahassee, FL - Full Set (2 hours)
April 18th - The Warehouse - Tallahassee, FL - (full featured set opening for Secret Army)
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