at 430+ individuals & companies, AND

130+ cities
31 U.S. states & districts
14 nations,
5 continents

We would like to take the space here to mention our
Ladies and Gents,

Darcy Naylor, all the funk fans, and all the stations playing
our music.

The Fairbanks-centered Moonchild fanbase, all the stores
selling our products and all the radio stations playing our

Lige Curry, Starr Cullars and KurrieCullars Music, Ken and
Bethany Wilk and family, the McKnight family, Ed Fletcher,
Eric Gabriel, and The Naked Funk family, The Starr Cullars
Band, Bobby Easton and the Long Beach Funk Fest,
Rickey Vincent and Funk radio in the Bay Area, Bryan,
Nicole, Kevin, and the whole Humboldt Family, Abe and
Kara Navarro and family, John Heintz, The Big Ol' Nasty
Get Down and Family, William Thoren, Matt Wilson, and all
our friends, our Armenian fans and friends in CA, Berj
Daniel Bedrosian,  Benjamin Doleac, Kurt Rosenbecker
and family, all the stores like Super D selling
our products and all the radio stations playing our music.

Chris Murphy and family, Sarah Polvogt, Laura
McGaughey, Citrus Sauthoff, Josh & Natalie Scott, Missy
Bubbles, Gus "da Fuss" Hoffman and family, Rob Meyer
and company, Rebel Tongue,Cherry Sound Studios,  
Tooey's, Ullr's, The Goat, Vail Ale House, The Cherry, The
Agave, Oskar Blues, and all the staffs and management at
the aforementioned businesses, AZMA and family, Rick
Gardner and family, Mark Higgins and family, Mark Brut and
Rocky Mountain Artists, Justin Francouer, Casey Sidwell,
and all the radio stations that play our music, and all the
stores that sell our products.

Peggy Hayes, Sarah Barry & family, Jim Wood and Julia
Istomina and family.

Danny Bedrosian,
Jeff Kassabian and family, Dwayne Dungey and family,
Kelly Michael, Sean Gorman & Pretty Cool Music's Cool,
Travis Thigpen, Devil's Kin, John O'Keefe, Appalachee Trio,
Dave Cobb, Ral Bryant, Pedro Pizarro, Maharajah
Flamenco Trio, Teresa Jimenez, Sir Rothenerg, Matt
Callahan, Kathy Tucci, Meagan "Bone" Daniels, WEFUNK
SOUTH, BOZFONK MOOSICK, Professor Michael Bakan
and the whole Ethnomusicology department at Florida
State University, The Armenian Ensemble, Eric "Seven"
Welch and Wordless Productions, Keith Kopka, Stephen
Young, Zac Zendl,  all of Chilled Monkey Brains and family,
Florida Armenians and Tallahassee Armenians groups,
Your Captain Speaking, Hunter Daws, Russ Skinner, Kyle
Allgood, The Tallahassee Limelight, Club Down Under, the
radio stations like V89 and 106.1 that play our music, and
stores that sell our music, All our friends, family, staff,
interns, and colleagues at What Studios including, and of
course the P-Funk Family
, Patavian Lewis.

Chef Matt and Kimberly Hagel and everyone at the Chop
House in Thomasville, Jerome Rodgers and School Boy
Records, Duane Day, The Panda Pavement Nation, The
Funkstore Family,  Slappy, Steve Boyd, Jr., Chris Barrett
and family, The Bedrosians in GA, Claire Nelson, Chris
Cartwright and BlackTop Passages, JW, Sa'D Ali The
HourChild and Family, all the radio stations playing our
music, all our friends and family.

Davo Baboorian & the Chicago Armenian community,
The Unfunkwitable fan club, the Kassabian family, Less-on
and family, Javi, the Less-on Street Team, Greg Thomas,
Johno Kabbendjian, and all our fans.

Rico Lewis & Weman Records Indiana division,
the Lewis/Patterson families, Shelly, Funk for the Cure,
Scott and all our friends in Indy, Less-on Street Team, Alan
Williams, and all the stations playing our music.

Tracy J. House, and staff, as well as all the stations playing
our music

Melissa Weber and family, Bryce Alger and family, The Rev.
Desmond D'Angelo, Chris "Biscuit" Hayes, all our fans in
New Orleans and all over Louisiana.

Nick Pelkey, our friends at the staff at University of ME
Orono, all our fans listening to our music, and the radio
stations playing our music.

Garrett Shider, Merk Camp Productions, All our fans and
friends in Baltimore, and all over MD, The Cowan family, all
the Brass Tax and P-Funk horns family, P-Funk Radio,
Keith Jackson, Benzel Baltimore, Homegrown Ent, and

Elise Bedrosian, Mark Preme Fortes, Gregg Albach, Monica
Harty, Melissa Payelian, Eugene and Family, Jarod Winters
and family, Adam “Smitty” Smith, BOZFONK NEW
ENGLAND, Lauren Payelian, the Bedrosian family, The
Barry family, Bider Music, Alvin Lipsett,  TraFunkStar, Jon
Picken and family, Barbara Thomas, Keith Thomas, Paul
Felis, Jiggy, Marlon and Paranormal Hood Radio, Mike
Flynn, Nick Tsui, Marcus Ohanessian and family, Bruce
Bennet & New England CD/Next Day Disc/Superdups,
Discark,  Duplications and Manufacturing, Ara Nazarian, all
our Armenian family, The Big Ol' Dirty Bucket, Brett
Badolato, all our friends at Halogen Media, all our friends
and fans, and all the radio stations playing our music, and
the stores selling our music, Chris Bettencourt, Seth
Ceders, and our friends at the Raven, all our friends at
Berklee school of Music

Gabe Gonzalez, Paul Hill, all the P-Funk members past and
present residing in Detroit, all our Michigan fans and all the
radio stations playing our music in Detroit and all over the

Johno Kabbenjian and Armenian Proud Blog Talk show,
Kansas City Radio stations playing our music, in the R&B
and Funk radio circles, the Mississippi Funk Queen and all
our friends in St. Louis

Sam Tayyari, Trazae and family, Poo-Poo Man and Family,
and all our fans in NV

Bedrosian Piano Studios, Nick & Veronique Groff and
family, NGE, Josh Greenbaum and family,
Bedrosian family, Steve Robidoux and family,
Chris Malloy and MusicNE Live, Gary & Karen Agresti, Holly
Bedrosian,, Thomas Callahan
Call, Adam Kohler, Sarah McKinley, The Ricci Family, The
Gauthier family, Tamra Maldonado and family, Milo
Mitchell and family, Life is Good, Jay Oczcowski, Tim
Kineen, Sanjay Kakkad and family, all our family and
friends, all the radio stations playing our music, and the
stores selling our music.

Brett Grau, HubCity Bookings, Andrew & Jessica Daher

WEFUNK AD2K Staff and Associates,  Michael "Clip"
Payne, Chuck Haber, and Associates, Ted Orr, Ariel Bauza,
Jr., Bill Fagan,Matt Soucy & Carolyn Kokko.

Ed Larson, Tim Dean, Henry Zebrowski, Jackie Zebrowski,
Carly Goodspeed, Holden McNeely, John Moreno, Jared
Warner, Murderfist staff and family, John Deming, Melinda
Wilson, Coldfront Magazine, Kate Nolan, Jen Szapiro,
Barrett Stevens, Nick Winslow, Adam Trull & Blue Cast
Catalyst, Ash Krikorian, David Schwartz, Aram, Erik Bryan,
Hope Seery, Mike Veny, Mike Maloney, BOZFONK
MOOSICK NYC, all the radio stations that play our music,
and all the stores that sell our products, Richie "Shakin"
Nagan,The Who Knows Band, Perry Robinson, Marc
Whitecage, and all our friends, fans and families.

Lauren Ray Bishop & Blair Bishop, Sidney Barnes and
Family, Trinumeral Family, Booty Band Family, Big Ol’
Nasty Family, Arieh Samson, Royle Simpson,
Grant Howl, Alexis & Corrie Danciu, Chris Cornwell &
Clonin' The Wheel, Under One Beat Entertainment, Nick
Anagnostis, Silviu Ciulei, radio stations playing our music,
and stores selling our product, all our fans and friends at
Salvador's Deli, and our Charlotte fanbase, and Great
Smoky Mountains fanbase.

Bustin Bob Mitchell, Billy Antio, Our Nelson Ledges family,
and all our fans, friends and family in Ohio, The
Funkamedic Rob Krall and family.

OREGON, Buddy Weeks, and all the stores that sell our
music, Glen Grau and Family, Jim Cooke, Nathan Boucher,
David Kelsay, and Joe Kitchen.

Josh Maldonado, the Block Island Block people, our
fanbase in Providence and Naragansett.

The extended Cobb family, and the radio stations playing
our music.

Cliffy D, DJ Drew, and the Mothership Funk Radio in
Knoxville, the Ford family, Dan Forberg, Ky Man House

Phillip C. Colley, Sr,  Uncut Funk on, Jason Bailey
and family, and all the radio stations playing our music, as
well as our podcast friends playing our music.

Nate Kizerian, Funk Fu and family, all the stores that sell
our products, and all the radio stations playing our music

Habousi Compatriotic Union, All the stations playing our
music, and stores selling our music.

Brian Zickafoose, and all the radio stations playing our

online websites that sell our music and downloads
digitally, as well as stores that sell our music, Anthony and
his radio show for playing our music as well.

Billy "Bueno" Roche-(Almassian; Ambassador of Funk to
Buenos Aires) and family, all our South American fans and
friends, as well as our fans in the Armenian community of
Buenos Aires, and all the stores stocking our albums there.

Hasmik Movsisian, Our friends and family, The Nalbandyan
Bros, all our Hye fans, Music Of Armenia, and all the
podcasts from Hye fans that play our music.

Kris Fagan and family, Dauno Martinez and friends, all our
friends at the Melt Bar, Mike Blancato and family, Simon de
Leacy-Lacy, Jure and all our friends at the Lounge, Ishan &
Inala Cooper and family, Shay, Pixi, Nikki Cunningham, and
all our friends, fans and family down under.

Otavio Machado, and all our Brazilian fans and friends for
spreading the music and the message.

JP Falconer, Toronto indie radio, all our fans, friends and
family in Canada.

Alfredo Muller, and all our Chilean fans and friends that
support us and our music

Steffen Klausen and the Bozfonk Mashup Remix Center, all
our Danish fans and friends, and the internet radio stations
that play our music.

Jean Paul Bellanger, Jean Pierre, Hugo, Mikhail Viktor, all
our friends and fans in Paris, Bordeaux, Cognac, Nice,
Lyon, Viennes, Enghien, Nyon, Sete, and elsewhere,
including the extended territories like Le Reunion, off the
coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean

Alex Cavallaro, The Space Bugs Band, and all our fans and
friends in Italy, and the radio stations there playing our

All of our dedicated fans, especially in Tokyo and Osaka, as
well as friends production people, staff, and writers, all the
bloggers in the Japanese music scene, and the stores that
sell our productions and radio stations playing our music,
both online and on the airwaves. Most notably, Zip and
everyone at Club Zip, Yoriko Kawachi, and all our friends in

NETHERLANDS, Funk to the Max, Marcel Visser, Pascal Cloodt,
Serge Dodwell, Rupert Bonasera, all our Dutch fans,
Gotcha Family, Fabian, Ten, all the Dutch stations playing
our music, Tiny NL, Steffen, Bart, and all our Dutch fans.

Ol'neva Irina, Ilia Trakhtman, Natasha Pavlova, Felix Lahuti,
Urban Funk Army, and C.L.O.N.E, Alexander "Sasha"
Melnik,Miklosh Lurye, Nail, Ana Karatyan, Arif Akimov,
Roman Grinev, Slava, All of the Russian Funk Family, all
Rusian stations playing our music, Svobodnoya Muzika
Television show, The Alexey Kozlov club, and everyone
there, including Tigran & Alex, and all the rest of our friends
in Russia, like Gurgen, Alexandre, ToLL, and all our
Russian fans.

David Davidian, Stephanie Boyle, all our friends and fans,
London Radio stations playing our music, Adrian Barratt,
and the Barratt Family, Irene Henderson, Julianna, our
friends at the BBC.
If you want to join this worldwide
Street Team, email us at to see
how you can join our corps of
volunteers and dedicated
individuals and companies!
Thanks in advance!