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Staff profile:  Adam "Smitty" Smith

Adam "Smitty" Smith Smitty is a very important part of the BOZFONK MOOSICK/WEFUNK
SOUTH family. Adam wears many hats, like most of his colleagues; He runs the WeFunk
South myspace page, and has helped continue to build the huge international following that
the aforementioned companies currently enjoy. Adam has created digital commercials for
Secret Army’s latest double disc release: The Sleaziest of the Greaze, and has dubbed
audio to video for a number of related projects. He is well traveled, and being able to call
many places home has allowed him to be an active member of three BOZFONK Street teams:
Massachusetts (West), New York (upstate), and Florida (Tallahassee area).

Smitty is familiar with SEO & Web 2.0, and using said knowledge, he helped WeFunkSouth
and BozFonk Moosick with updated internet spiders, like RSS feeders, articles, blogs,
bulletins, group emails, and much more. Adam’s computer prowress,  offered him a chance
to explore what marketing opportunities are available for indies on the web. He has created
colorful “mixed-media” advertisements for BOZFONK artists, WeFunk South artists and
related family groups such as The Soular System, Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army, and
Kendra Foster. Right now, he is working on myspace and spreading “music propaganda” to
people in the Southern U.S. involving everything from concerts, to promotions.

Adam “Smitty” Smith is responsible for pulling both Trevor and Ariel Bauza Jr, (of the
BOZFONK Art Dept fame) into the fold, and is a relentless promoter for all of the bands in
the wider spectrum of groups from P-Funk to Fishbone to WEFUNK to Booty Band, and on,
and on.
Smitty is also delving into the Merchandise aspects of the business, having previously
been the merchandise salesman at both Secret Army and The Soular System shows, is
currently designing t-shirt ideas. All the while, he has been present with his camera, and
many of his great candid and group shots have graced this and many other websites.

Smitty’s newest project has been the founding of a new social music network with
Bedrosian called He also set up a ning for Wefunk in general
and the P-Funk community at large. The ning sites he has set up have grown exponentially
in the short time they have been up and running.

Smitty regularly works with building the fanbase for BOZFONK/WEFUNK SOUTH around the
globe, and has been instrumental in spreading  the word on many social networks with both
music fans and  people in the business alike. This includes, but is not limited to Blogs,
bulletins, emails, mass comments, opening up skype profiles for staff members, setting up
artistic concepts for certain parts of the merch department and the art department, as well
as helping to market, advertise and distribute new product.

Smitty is currently working on a new page, check out the progress often!

You can contact Adam “Smitty” Smith at