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Staff profile: Jon Picken

Jon is an extremely talented, multi-versatile person; He is an expert beatsmith who has worked with
many names associated with the Philly sound in Hip hop, as well as the Boston hip hop scene.
From 2001-2003 he occasionally guested and rapped on sets with Danny Bedrosian’s 18 piece funk
conglomerate Sweet Motha’ Child. Jon played drums and percussion in local groups such as Phat
Corpse, based out of New Hampshire. He also started his own hip hop group, Tajmafunk, which
released one album.

Jon recently started honing his innate gift of graphic design; he personally designed BOZFONK
MOOSICK’s series of multi colored logos, that grace this website among others. He is also putting
together a staff of graphic designers for upcoming work with BozFonk, and Wefunk South.
Jon’s amazing drum programming skills were first utilized by Bedrosian on his debut Som’n Fierce
album. Since then, Jon has done smattering of drum and percussion parts for Danny and Secret Army,
and is an honorary member of the group, due to his fantastic beats.

Jon also completed the artwork for Danny Bedrosian's fifth solo album "The Clock".

Jon Picken is another of the talented human beings working with the BOZFONK MOOSICK team and
we here at BOZFONK are happy to have Jon with us.

To contact Jon Picken for graphic design, or for drum programs, beats etc, email jon at

JON PICKEN select Discography:

2001 - Phat Corpse - Self Titled - Independently Released (2CD)

2002 - Tajmafunk - Self Titled - Independently Released (1CD)

2005 - Danny Bedrosian - Som’n Fierce - BOZFONK MOOSICK (1CD)

2006 - Danny Bedrosian - Incompetence Music Video - BOZFONK MOOSICK (1DVD)

2007 - Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army - The Sleaziest of the Greaze - BOZFONK MOOSICK (2CD)

2008 - Teresa Jimenez - Get Stereo - BOZFONK MOOSICK (1CD)

2009 - Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army - Muzzle Moosick - BOZFONK MOOSICK (1 CD)

2009 - Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army - Muzzle Moosick - BOZFONK MOOSICK (DIGI CARD)

2009 - Chris Cornwell - Clonin’ The Wheel EP - BOZFONK MOOSICK (1 CD)

2012 - Nick Groff - Spiritual War: Good Vs. Evil - BOZFONK MOOSICK & GROFF ENT. (1 CD)

2013 - Danny Bedrosian - Songs For A Better Tomorrow - BOZFONK MOOSICK (1 CD)

2014 - Moonchild - Hye in the Sky (1 CD)

2014 - Blue Cast Catalyst - Socrates' Sculpture (1 CD)

2015 - Danny Bedrosian - The Clock (1 CD) (ARTWORK)

2016 - Danny Bedrosian & Motherfunkin - Dan-ish: Bozfonk Mashups (Download)