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Drummer Seth Ceders began his musical career playing with Hip Hop and Heavy Metal bands
in Southern NH, in the late nineties. Well traveled as a youth, he had experienced much of the
different environments of America, and with that instinctual rhythmic ability, Ceders was soon
to become a huge force in the regional scene. After a short hiatus, Seth became the founding
drummer of the five piece funk/rock outfit Dr. Sloptapus. Seth also sang some leads and
backup vocals for the group, which was membered by members of the larger funk
conglomerate Sweet Motha’ Child led by future Pfunk member Danny Bedrosian. Danny was
also in Sloptapus, and upon the demise of SMC’s third drummer Dave Smith, Seth Ceders was
given the daunting task of being both Sloptapus’ and SMC’s drummer, a task that required him
to learn up to 80+ songs, with a huge 18 member ensemble that played long, long shows. One
SMC show held at University of NH lasted nine and a half hours, and among being the largest
attended party in UNH history, Seth played almost the entire set, with Bedrosian giving him a
break for one or two songs. Seth contributed greatly to both the Dr. Sloptapus debut album, as
well as the final SMC album Monofunksitism, released in 2001 and 2003 respectively.

SMC broke up in late 2003, and Seth moved on to continuing work with remaining Sloptapus
members, moving en masse to Tallahassee, FL upon their former band mate Bedrosian’s
successful jump onto George Clinton’s Pfunk Mothership, as their newest keyboardist.
Sloptapus enjoyed a short lived return to form for a short time in FL, and at the same time,
Ceders was also playing in Pfunker Jerome Rodger’s Rock and Roll band The Church of High
Voltage. Upon the eventual demise of both bands, Seth turned largely to studio work, playing
drums and programming on some of the Danny Bedrosian/Secret Army material released from
2005-2006. He was drummer for both the Som’n Fierce band, as well as the current Secret
Army, which is brainchild of Bedrosian, and membered by Pfunk’s Dewayne “Blackbyrd”
McKnight, and Lige Curry, among other great musicians from Dr. Sloptapus, The Soular
System, and others.

Seth also played in Tallahassee folk-rock band Red Flag Hitchhikers, the Florida based
rock/funk group Unfunkwittable, led by guitarist/vocalist Dwayne Dungey, as well as another
newer project alongside bassist Duane Day and guitarist MattMan, doing a Pop/Jazz genre that
is both unique and viable. Seth continues to challenge himself, and move forward, with a
drumming style that is funky, hard hitting, emotional, and individual, contributing to his rock
band alongside Marc Munoz, called Midnight Chainsaw, which played through 2012.
Bio by Tigran Hovanessian

2001 - Dr Sloptapus - We are the product of what should not be (1CD)
2003 - Sweet Motha’ Child - Monofunksitism (1CD)
2005 - Danny Bedrosian - Som’n Fierce (1 CD)
2006 - Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army - Incompetence (1 DVD)
2006 - Danny Bedrosian - Secret Army (1CD)
2007 - Asphalt Panda - Pandalism (1 CD - Limited Edition with different graphics)
2007 - Asphalt Panda - Pandalism (1 CD)
2007 - Danny Bedrosian - Sleaziest of the Greaze (2 CD)
2008 - Teresa Jimenez - Get Stereo (1 CD)
2009 - Danny Bedrosian - Muzzle Moosick (1 CD)
2009 - Danny Bedrosian - Muzzle Moosick (1 DIGI CARD)
2011 - Midnight Chainsaw - Debut Album (1 CD)
2011 - Natalie Scott - It's On (1 CD)
2012 - Nick Groff - The Other Side (1 CD)
2014 - Moonchild - Hye in the Sky (1 CD)
2016 - Danny Bedrosian & Motherfunkin - Dan-ish: Bozfonk Mashups (Download)