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BAND NAME: Secret Army

GENRE: Funk, Jazz, Armenian Fusion, Classical, Experimental, Rock, World, Dub, R&B,

VIBE: A funk power trio, with occasional guest appearances from periphery members from
around the globe.

Danny Bedrosian - Keyboards, Lead Vocals 2006 - (view Bio and Discography)
Lige Curry - Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals 2006 -  (
view Bio and Discography)
Benjamin "Benzel Baltimore" Cowan (Bio forthcoming) 2012 -

other factors)
Rico Lewis - Drums, Hype Man (view Bio and Discography) 2007 - 2012
Teresa Jimenez - Backup Vocals, Percussion -  2006 - 2011
(view Get Stereo Bio and
Elise Bedrosian - Backup Vocals 2008 -  (view Bio and Discography)
Kendra Foster - Backup Vocals 2008 - (Bio Forthcoming)
Mike Maloney - Guitar, Backup Vocals 2006 - 2012
(view Bio and Discography)
Dewayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight - Lead Guitar 2006 - 2009 (view Bio and Discography)
Marc Munoz - Guitar 2006 - 2010 (
view Bio and Discography)
John "Tugboat" Deming - Guitar 2010 - 2012
(view Bio and Discography)
Adam Trull - Trumpet, Backup Vocals, Synth Bass 2011 (Bio Forthcoming)
Seth Ceders - Drums, Backup Vocals, Percussion 2006 - 2007
Brett Richter - Backup Vocals 2006
Steve Robidoux - Percussion, Backup Vocals 2007 - 2010
Chris Murphy - Drums 2012 -
Justin Francouer - Bass Guitar 2012
Casey Sidwell - Bass Guitar 2012
Kurt Rosenbecker - Bass Guitar 2013 -
Alexander "Sasha" Melnik - Drums 2013 -
Natasha "Smitana" Pavlova - Vocals 2013 -
Felix Lahuti - Electric Violin, Backup Vocals 2013 -
Arif Akimov - Backup Vocals 2013 -
Anna Kharatyan - Backup Vocals 2013 -
Nail Karumshin - Guitar 2013 -
Roman Grinev - Bass Guitar 2013 -
Slava Bubbles - Bass Guitar 2013 -

Special Guests who have performed with Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army:
Steve Boyd, Jr. - Rapper - 2006
Richie "Shakin" Nagan - Shakers - 2006, 2007, 2009,
Duane Day - Backup Vocals, Percussion - 2006
Michael "Clip" Payne - Man in the Box, Hype Man, Backup Vocals - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012
Garry Shider - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals -  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
David Cobb - Bass Guitar 2010, 2012
Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton - Lead Guitar - 2010
Jerome Rodgers - Moog Synth Bass - 2010
Josh Maldonado - Rapper - 2010, 2011

FIRST ALBUM OVERVIEW: Parliament Funkadelic keyboardist Danny Bedrosian's
sophomore album, SECRET ARMY is a masterwork of soundscapes, grooves,
conceptual analyses, and musical marvels. It is the first of the Secret Army series
of albums that will be concluded this winter with the next installment: The sleaziest
of the Greaze. Bedrosian tackles many new genres not yet reached on Som'n
fierce, such as his classical roots, as well as gospel, Armenian Folk Music, Bebop,
Ambient, Fusion, and more, but still has that hard poot fonk for the Hard stompin'
Pfunk Fans.And the special guests abound here too: Pfunk's Dewayne "Blackbyrd"
Mcknight, and Lige Curry are on most of this masterpiece's tracks (they are
founding members of Secret Army too after all) along with former Sweet Motha
Child and current Secret Army members Marc Munoz, & Seth Ceders, The Soular
System's Ral Bryant, Som'n Fierce's Duane Day, and virtually everyone who has
been in Sweet Motha Child. This album is a mixture of styles and suggestions to
the political, cultural situation in America today. Nineteen tracks strong, and full of
amazing textural, compositional material, Secret Army will not bore its listeners.
Danny Bedrosian is the regular keyboardist for not just George Clinton qnd
Parliament Funkadelic, but also The Soular System, The 420 Funk Mob, The
Children of Production, GCIII, and his own band appropriately called THE SECRET
ARMY; Danny utilizes his important musical abilities on this new album, having
been classically trained on piano since the age of four. His funk chops serve up
some true to the game stank too. And the exploration itself is a deep, beautiful AND
harrowing journey through some really uncharted waters. Danny is proving he is
not just able to play legitimately in many genres, but that he is truly creating
something never heard in funk or any other genre for that matter. Do not miss the
revolutionary music of Danny Bedrosian in his most ambitious, meaningful,
musically and lyrically superior masterwork.

PRESS: The following press releases and reviews come from various bands that
have worked with Secret Army bandleader Danny Bedrosian. Others come from
reviews among P-Funk fans on the One Nation Board Room, the unofficial P-Funk
fan page. The comments refer to Bedrosian’s Som’n Fierce album, as well as
Secret Army, the new double disc Sleaziest of the Greaze, and his involvement in
the music business:

Bedrosian is a well-accomplished musician, producer, engineer, historian, and
current keyboardist for George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic (P-Funk), one of
the most influential acts in music’s history. He joined the band as a keyboard
technician and occasional player in December 2003, but soon moved up the ranks
due to his overwhelming talent. He is known within the group as having an uncanny
knack to play anything, as well as the ability to cite P-Funk history effortlessly and
accurately. U.S. Pipe lead man and fellow P-Funk member Citrus says, “Danny is
the new mad scientist of P-Funk.”

In September of 2005, Bedrosian released his solo debut album, Som’n Fierce,
which received rave reviews. His sophomore album, Secret Army, was released
the following year to even more praise. Both albums feature special guest
appearances by the P-Funk family, including Lige Curry, Dewayne “Blackbyrd”
McKnight and Michael “Clip” Payne.

Bedrosian has also played keyboards for myriad P-Funk offshoot bands, among
them 420 Funk Mob, Drugs, Cacophonic FM and Children of Production. His credits
include appearances on the BET 25th Anniversary Spectacular, The Tonight Show
with Jay Leno and Last Call with Carson Daly.
-Laura McGaughey

The latest from keyboardist Danny Bedrosian. The newest Funkadelic enlists
veteran PFunk members Lige Curry and Blackbyrd McKnight on this funky assault
on the senses. Who says you can't teach old dogs some new tricks. Cacophonic,
Symphonic, Strangely melodic. Funky Fusion with a sense of humor. A must for the
true funk fan.
-Review, WEFUNK

Original, improvisational, flow, fluent, thick, imagination, reverence, wit, avant-
garde, folksy, stank, creativity, tasty, free-formness. Rural, countrified fonk. No
pretense. All of these descriptive concepts come to mind after hearing the ear-
splitting, amoeba shape-shifting fonk of the "New Clone on the Block" aboard
George Clinton’s ever-spiraling Mothership, master keys wiz Danny Bedrosian. Its
unbeknownst to me just how Danny’s funkentelech came to be recognized and
ushered into the GC fold, but one things for sure, he’s a welcome addition indeed.

Its Danny’s wizardry and improvisational skills that not only allowed me to stomach
George’s re-smackling of the Jerry Lee Lewis hit, "Whole Lotta Shakin’" but to
actually enjoy and get up and move my ass to the track. He also adds the much
needed BW (Bernie Worrell) element to live Pee classics like "Bop Gun" and
"Funkentelechy". But enough of his contributions to GCs mob, up from the North
Florida (current site of PF’s earthly operations) swamp comes a sound so distinct,
fresh, and dank that it could have only have been birthed there.

What Danny is basically doing on the keys and synth I think is taking the BW Skool
of Key Quirk to another level. Some other chit indeed. All of Bernie’s favorite
ingredients are mixed up in the Bedrosian stew. Classical baby grand, pipe organ,
clavinet, B3 and totally mind-numbing synth squiggles/effects of sonic intensity are
all thrown up against a heavy wall of stacked funk. When any keyboardist is able to
produce sounds so pleasingly strange and unknown, not unlike BW, and you find
yourself asking , "how in the world did he do that?!"; that my funkateer friend, is
the mark, the true barometer of a genuine key-wizard.

Musical mentor Jerome Rogers makes his presence felt on the gospel-tinged "New
Clone", which is one of my faves. I’ll bet this track was of the same sessions that
produced Jerome’s own track "Overload", from his cd. "Corn" and "Co-Writer"
woulda fit right in the pocket on a Weapon of Choice cd, outrageous wit over
equally elastic groove. Danny’s saucy, wiry vocals are no more prevalent than on
the slithery remake of Funkadelic’s "Soul Mate".
With his Prince-like satin sheet whining and Clinton-esque space vocals, he just
lays the song all the way out, slows the tempo of the original and sings and plays
every last note in the most rapturous, sacred way imaginable. Lige Curry joins him
here on bass and Jerome adds some awesome guitar licks remnant "P.E.
Squad/DooDoo Chasers". Funkateers will also delight over his cover of the obscure
early Parliaments tune "Don’t Be Sore At Me". Clip Payne of 420 FM fame
contributes mightily to "Cop This", 5 minutes of Mr. Bedrosian’s experiments into
nether regions of synth-stank.

Over a mid tempo funk vamp, he pulls sounds thru the synthesizer from the outer
reaches of the universe. He is a Bernie Worrell/Jerome Rodgers prodigy who sings
as well He even raps ,offering up on "Speed Bump" an accelerated spit-fire
delivery that’s sure to remind aficionados of Drug’s "Mis America". "Bump N’Da
Nite" is just pure sex, freeknasty and lascivious vocally, lyrically and musically as
Free form funkin’ with no limits. Some of it simply (for lack of a better word)
beautiful ("Retaining Grace" and "Lisa’s Lullaby"). That same sprit accompanies all
of these gems. This cd is also a testament to what I’ve noticed of this next
generation of P-Funkers (Zootzilla, Trey Lewd, RonKat, etc). Far from copying the
Pee, its in their veins. The DNA has been mutated. Abilities of the same frequency
that seem to oscillate at a certain level always find one another in time, and
express themselves.
What’s in you is gonna come out of you sooner or later, and it flows out of Danny
Bedrosian naturally. No matter what time you are born, if that ‘P’ gene is in you, the
phenotype will be expressed. That’s why funk will never die. Believe me, 1000
years from now, P-Funk will still resonate on certain other levels. Its because of
raw sprits and talents like Bedrosian, living , feeling, embodying the funk itself.
Reviewed For by Funk Journalist & Atlanta Radio Personality~"
Bustin'"Bob Mitchell

Anytime you Q up a Danny Bedrosian/BozFunk project you must understand one
thing: You are about to be taken into the most diverse, sonic, alternate musical
reality imaginable today. Here is a band unafraid to take you into musical territories
you had no idea existed. Produced by a man whose unabashed, limitless creativity
is downright scary. Classical, neo-soul, hip-hop, funkadelia, acid-metal, FUNK, jazz
textures contribute to this metaphorical take on an industrialist/technological future
template of what mankind may very well ultimately realize in his techno-charged
days to come.

Not unlike Parliament’s late-70s take on what The Dr. coined the "Placebo
Syndrome", Sleaziest of the Greaze not only provides the listener a hardcore,
genuine throwback to the Funkadelic concept LPs of the mid-70's but a time-
traveling fantasmic boost into the year 4000, where we find the anti-hero title
character exploring the possibilities of time travel back to the old west circa 1870,
upon which he assumes his alter ego & the centerpiece of the LP, the blistering 9-
minute plus incredible, key signature-shifting atomic blooze of the "Sloppy Rider"
(its your birfday he’s gonna spoil, out from his eyes comes oil). The stomp is so
thick I can hardly handle it, Crank It!!!!!

A true concept LP that defines the very genre. The band’s sophomore set pulsates,
throbs, and oozes with the thickest, densest funk grooves you’ll ever hear. But it
ain’t just the muzac that makes U wanna funk. Therein you’ll meet cosmic
characters like Gen. Harvey CremeFrame (gets OFF by by rubbing coffee creamer
onto a picture frame) , Miss Goody Two-Shoes (a Witch/Ho with 3 feet), the Cookie
Monztah (who had the escaped ‘borg in his "doughy clutches") & the perpetually-
stoned Flushworthy. All splanking your mind & booty with a space/time, science
friction imagery that even celebrated artiste Pedro Bell would be wise to take note

If the music here is awesome, on some totally other chyt, just check the story line
(introduced in the hilarious "Sleaze Sonata"). A brief recap iz in order: it seems
millions of years in the future humans have learned how to create life from
machines and DNA (it ain’t that far off y’all). A cyborg, a cosmic blunder made from
the fluids of their deceased coined "Sleaziest of the Greaze"

(Supposedly guarded by the last surviving hippie Flushworthy), manages to
catapult hisself into immortal Godhood by escaping the Android Plant in Mr.D’s time
machine and assumes the identity of the Sloppy Rider in the old west. His major
antagonist Gaseous Thunder sends his slippery minions including Cookie , the
Flossin’ Lobster and Miss Goody Two Shoes (she’s good, she’s badd, she’s ugly) in
an attempt to render Sleaziest impotent, but it ain’t gonna work ‘dis tyme.

Soundz like a new Parliament album or som’n don’t it? Cyborgs galore, DNA,
liquifyed organs, Danny B has crafted some of his most diverse vocalistic
expressions this side of Junie Morrison (check the outrageous "Gaseous
Thunder"). It ain’t just about Bedrosian either. Like a modern day Sly Stone, he
uses master musicians to craft this most ambitious vision. Jazz vocalist Teresa
Jimenez gives a show-stopping ‘mass- produced turbo boost’ to "Radio Flyer" &
"Miss Fortune". .

Guitar slayer Marc Munoz channeling Eddie Hazel on "Sway Songs", and can I just
say that Lige Curry is a str8 badd-azz on bass guitar with gritty jams like the
aforementioned "Cookie Monztah" & "Sloppy Rider" plus the throbbing way too
fonkay "Butt Medicine". PFAS Rico Lewis pounding the skins like no tommorow.
And a gang of others too numerous to mention. A double-barreled two cd set of the
next dimension in groove leaving all competition in it’s wake. As Danny sings on
one of the most swanging cuts, ‘ there ain’t nothin’ wrong with what you doin’ just
"Don’t Insult Me" by calling it funk.
Reviewed For
Funk Journalist&Atlanta Radio Personality~"Bustin'"Bob Mitchell
Compiled For Tatt II

Danny Bedrosian Presents:

Danny Bedrosian is a pianist, lead singer, keyboard/synth virtuoso, and band
director for Secret Army. Being a  trained musician for 29 years, (91% of his life) he
is also the current keyboardist for George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars (whom he
sings lead and backup vocals with as well), as well as a half a dozen other bands
around the nation and the world. Bedrosian is not just the lead vocalist &
keyboardist, but is also the producer, chief songwriter, arranger and publisher for
Secret Army. This band is a patchwork of genres, races, ethnicities, genders, and
spiritual creeds under one unifying musical force. Also at the fore of the band is
Parliament-Funkadelic/P-Funk All Stars stalwarts Lige Curry on Bass Guitar,
Benjamin "Benzel" Cowan, and others such as gifted vocalist Kendra Foster.
Bassist Lige Curry is a longtime P-Funk bassist, vocalist, writer, and all around
contributor whose songwriting talents grace most of Secret Army’s repertoire as
well. The solid bedrock of two drummers make up the Secret Army’s percussion
section, both Rico Lewis, who is a 15+ year P-Funk alumni, and Benjamin "Benzel"
Cowan, who happens to be George Clinton and The P-Funk All-Stars’ main
drummer, lending a pound of foot to the all pervading mix of Funk, Ethnic Middle
Eastern music, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and proto classical movements. The Guitar
section, though not at every show, is occasionally graced by the talented Guitarist
from the Soular System, Mike Maloney, and occasionally Dewayne "Blackbyrd"
McKnight, and John Deming. Additional vocals are handled by the extremely
talented jazz vocalist Teresa Jimenez, and the elusive Alaskan folk singer Moon
Child. Secret Army is quickly proving its own innovative brand of alternative music,
thus lending an important commentary on the state of unity in our world. The
hypnotic musical journey, both endearing and baffling, will leave the listeners in
endless delight at the new sounds. Secret Army is finally polished with the
animation and cartoons of artist Nathan Boucher, who brings an especially unique
attention to detail and shimmering colors. Secret Army also serves up a potentially
marketable sound, with a youthful energy important to its image and its sound that
is virtually unmistakable. This band has a sound and look that one will never forget;
don’t miss out on Secret Army.

Tigran Hovanessian
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