Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army's newest
album EXALTATION is now available!
Featuring Bedrosian as well as several of his
P-Funk bandmates. The first printing of the
album has already sold out, but you can get
the digital version everywhere music is
downloaded and streamed. This has most
likely become Bedrosian's fastest selling

Danny Bedrosian's new comic book "SONS
available in digitial form. Send $20 to our
paypal at, or
cashapp at $DanielBedrosian, or venmo at
@DanielBedrosian. Issue #2: VAHAGN THE
DRAGON REAPER is being worked on
currently, and the physical copy of #2 will be
coming out in 2021!

Go to Danny Bedrosian's youtube page and
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newest video podcast episodes including
interviews, performances, discussions,
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Danny Bedrosian was featured on
Synthesizers on the new version of George
Clinton's Atomic Dog featured in the new
Trolls World Tour Movie. George Clinton was
a main character in the movie, and the movie
has been a worldwide blockbuster in it's
unprecedented straight-to-digital release.

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame,
and were given honorary Grammys. Sheila E,
Snoop Dogg, and others officiated over the

George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic
just got off their opening tour with the Red
Hot Chili Peppers at arenas and stadiums all
over Australia. Danny Bedrosian included
many of his signature Maggot Brain intros,
featuring almost a dozen rare or never
performed P-funk cult classics such as Let
Me Be, Open our Eyes, Biological
Speculation, Free your Mind, Breakdown, A
whole lotta B.S., and many others. In addition
Danny Bedrosian and Secret army had a
fantastic show at Globe Alley in Melbourne
during the tour that was attended by many,
including members of the RHCP themselves.
The tour ended with a rousing rendition of
"Give it Away" on RHCP's set, featuring
Bedrosian sitting in on Piano. An amazing
time was had by all.

Danny Bedrosian sat in on keyboards and
vocals with the Roots along with George
Clinton, and other members of the P-Funk, for
a special jam session in L.A. on Grammy
weekend with the legendary Hip hop band of
Tonight Show Fame regaling P-Funk classics
with Clinton and Co.

George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic
will be opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers
on their upcoming Australia Arena tour.

Danny Bedrosian and Sean Gorman's new
album GIFTEH! is now available wherever
digital music is sold (Itunes, Amazon, Google
Play, CDbaby, Spotify, Youtube and more!)
Get it today!

Danny Bedrosian and Sean Gorman have a
new album coming out called GIFTEH! It will
be available everywhere digital music is sold
before the year's end. You can download it
today at
com/cd/dannybedrosian8  Look out for it on a
brand new episode of Danny on Everything
airing on,, and in January.

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
have been awarded a Lifetime Achievement
award by the Grammys. The Grammy awards
will commence in February of 2019.

Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army are
returning to the road! Catch them at
Penuches in Manchester, NH, on Friday, Nov
16th, and The Lodge in Woodstock, NY, on
Saturday, Nov 17th at 9pm. If you are in the
area, check out these upcoming shows!

Danny Bedrosian appeared on a podcast
with CWind talking about his upcoming comic
book Sons of the Sun. You can check out the
interview by going to

P-Funk just did a special showcase for
Harman/JBL/AKG in L.A., playing the new
gear from this fantastic company. In addition,
the band landed a new endorsement from
cable company Mogami. Thanks to Becky,
Jeff, Phil, and all the people involved in this
great endeavor.

Check out the newest, October installment of
Danny on Everything. Danny interviews
paranormal investigator and television
personality Nick Groff, and TV and Film Star
Elizabeth Saint. Plus music, tourdates, info,
and more! Check it out

P-Funk just returned from another amazing
JAPANESE Tour, playing two dates at the
Sonic Summer Festival alongside many other
famous and fantastically talented acts such
as Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Beck,
Mastodon, Chance the Rapper, Nickelback,
and many many more! P-Funk returns to
Japan in October and again in April of 2019!
Thanks again to all our fans in Japan!

The Brand New PARLIAMENT album
officially released worldwide on MAY 22nd!

Go to or download the
moose magnificat radio app to hear the
monthly installments of DANNY ON
EVERYTHING, the new radio show from
Danny Bedrosian. New shows air twice a
week monthly on Fridays at 5:30 pm and
Sundays at 1pm. You can also hear the
archived episodes at

4/09/18 - Danny Bedrosian will be featured
alongside fellow bandmates from P-Funk in the
upcoming Mike Judge show "Tales from the
Tourbus" coming soon on Cinemax.

4/09/18- The latest George Clinton and
Parliament-Funkadelic tour was one of the best in
recent history, with dates all over the United States.
the next tour starts in May.

1/19/18 - Danny Bedroisan's new radio show
archive page to listen to past shows anytime! Go to

1/18/18 - The newest Parliament single (the first in
38 years) "I'm gon' make you sick" is now available
for download. It features George Clinton, Junie
Morrison, Scarface, Clip Payne, Danny Bedrosian,
Bennie Cowan, Greg Thomas and more! Get it

George Clinton and P-Funk just reunited with
VIDEO GOD to create the newest P-Funk music
video, this time Parliament's "SICK". Coming soon!

Danny Bedrosian recently got accepted to have his
own RADIO SHOW on Tallahassee's Moose
Magnificat Radio, which also boasts it's own
monthly magazine, and, despite being a local
station, has national and international listeners.
Danny will begin his program in December.

George Clinton and P-Funk recently performed at
NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. Be on the lookout for
an upcoming video online of this amazing

Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army's newest
album, EIGHTFINITY is now availalbe for
purchase. Just send $25 USD domestically, or $35
USD internationally to purchase this brand new
album! Featuring George Clinton, Michael
Hampton, Lige Curry, Benzel Cowan, Clip Payne,
C.L.O.N.E., Steve Boyd, Moonchild, and many
more!! get your copy while supplies last!

George Clinton (with Danny Bedrosian, Kand
Apple Red, The Hourchild, Thurteen and Nakid)
did a special DJ set at the famous Boiler Room in
NYC. This was a very revolutionary idea, and the
raucous, incredible experience can be viewed at
the Boiler Room's website.

have a very special P-Funk After Party show at
AUSTRALIA (presented by the Foreign Brothers)
Hope to see you come out to the show after the P-
funk show! September 27th!


Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army have two
special shows in NH to support their upcoming
album EIGHTFINITY. They are playing at  Jewel
in Manchester, NH Friday, September 8th and
Area 23 in Concord NH, Saturday, September 9th.

George Clinton and P-Funk is on the road all
summer through the early winter. Secret Army,
Danny's Piano Shows, and his Armenian Trio also
have shows coming up throughout the rest of the
year. Check our tourdates page for all the details.

In preparation for the new Danny Bedrosian and
Secret Army album, EIGHTFINITY, coming
later this summer, Danny has done a string of
interviews with Armenia Proud (airs Monday July
31st), Scott Goldfine (airs on youtube on August
1st), and Moose Magnificat Radio (airing today,
July 27th) Don't miss this new interviews about all
the upcoming stuff from Danny, P-Funk, Secret
Army, and much more!

The George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
Europe Tour was a huge success. The whole band
wishes to thank our loving fans in Amsterdam,
Nijmegen, Malmo, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki,
Stockholm, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, London,
Bristol, Camber Sands, and Dublin for their warm
welcome as always.

Danny Bedrosian was present with George Clinton
and the rest of P-funk for a special celebration of
Prince's life in Minneapolis at Prince's famous
Paisely Park Studios last week. A fantastic time
was had by all, and Prince fans the world over
came to celebrate the pivotal musician's life, and
dance to the music of the great acts that were there
for the concert series. A number of fascinating
panels were also put together featuring members
of Prince's bands, crews, and staff.

Danny Bedrosian was present with George Clinton
and other select members of P-funk for George's
receiving of the lifetime achievement award from
Music Publisher SESAC in NYC. A short
performance followed. Immediately thereafter, the
band flew and met the rest of the members of P-
Funk for the band's first ever set at Coachella
Music Fest in Indio, CA. The P-Funk Southeast
United States and Europe tour commence on
April 26th, and continue with further U.S. and
European dates through summer and fall.

2017 is shaping up to be a year chock full of brand
new releases and other surprises from the Bozfonk
Moosick camp! New albums from Josh Carraha,
Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army, and Gifteh! are
coming out this year, as well as Danny Bedrosian's
new upcoming comic book, The Sons of the Sun,
also featuring art by Robert Eman, and additional
contributions from Peaches Kassabian, John
Deming and others! Check back often for more
information or go to our
Bozfonk Moosick page
for release info!

Thanks to all the people that made the Danny
Bedrosian and Secret Army "My Oldest Friend"
Tour happen. I appreciate it so much! Much love
to our family, fans and friends for everything they
do, and for the love and support!! Thanks to Lige
Curry, Benjamin Cowan Jr., Greg Keller, Mike
Benj, Brett Badolato, Peter and Jeanne Bedrosian,
Bruce Bennett and Next Day Disc, Nick Pelkey,
Jordan Paul and Jigs Music, Penuches, Katie
Cormier Bobby LaCroix, Will from the Hornitz,
Icculus, Friendship, Owen Smith, University of
Maine, Kirk McNeil, Luke Moss, Boo-Boo
Groove, Nate Grant, Emily Weber, Area 23,
Dave Share, the guys at Spotlight Tavern, and all
our fans for coming out to support us. We will be
back!! Thanks again everyone!!

Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army (with Lige
Curry on Bass and Benzel "Baltimore" Cowan, Jr.
on Drums) will be embarking on their latest tour in
support of Danny's newest album "My Oldest
Friend" which was just released last month! This
incredible band is playing at:

Penuches - Manchester, NH on Thurs,
October 27th

University of Maine - Orono, ME on Fri,
October 28th

Area 23 - Concord, NH on Saturday,
October 29th

Spotlight Tavern - Beverly, MA on Sun,
October 30th

Go to our Secret Army page, or our Tourdates
page for more details on times and details!

(Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Rhapsody,
ORDER NOW! JUST SEND $20.00 to our
PayPal at and you
will receive in the mail, your copy of the new
album, as well as a FREE BONUS GIFT!
Get this monstrous album TODAY!

George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic played a
speceial set at KCRW's Morning becomes eclectic show
live on video also featuring Flying Lotus and Thundercat.
Check out the video here:

Danny Bedrosian's newest album, MY OLDEST FRIEND, is
due to come out physically and digitally in September. It
is according to Danny, his favorite of his own works to
date. It also features Michael "Clip" Payne, Lige Curry,
Garrett Shider, Ani Bedrosian, Sean Gorman, David
Cobb, and Adam Trull. Coming in September from
Bozfonk Moosick.

The George Clinton and P-Funk Europe 2016 tour was
amazing. Thanks to all involved.

Danny Bedrosian will be, as usual, present on the
upcoming George Clinton, and Parliament Funkadelic
Europe tour this July. The band will be hitting festivals
and clubs in Serbia, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, The
Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, and Ireland.

You can view new videos from Danny Bedrosian's
involvement along with George Clinton at the FSU
Rainbow Concert, and with Danny Bedrosian's band
Somn Fierce on the WFSU Gradstock series: now
available to watch on youtube. Just look up Danny
Bedrosian in the search, and search by newest first.

Danny Bedrosian and Somn Fierce were featured
headliners at the huge Tallahassee Summer Sundown
Series for the Funk night of that concert series, which
was also the first event of this type for Tallahassee at
their new ampitheater. Thousands attended the great
musical event.

Danny Bedrosian was featured on the 100Lives Website
under the 15 Armenians who Rock the World list. Danny
is proudly ensconced at the #11 position on the
esteemed list.

A super congratulations goes out to longtime colleagues
and dear family friends George Clinton and Kendra
Foster on their recent separate Grammy wins with
Kendrick Lamar and D'Angelo respectively. All of us at
Bozfonk Moosick send out our love and happiness for
George and Kendra on their Grammy victories!

Danny Bedrosian is proud to annouce the upcoming (in
just a few days) release of his collaboration with Danish
REmixmaster known as "Mothafunkin" on an upcoming
Bozfonk compilation called "DAN-ISH: BOZFONK
MASHUPS" and will be available at cdbaby, itunes,
amazon, google, medianet, spotify, rhapsody, and
everywhere downloads and streams are sold. Coming in
just a few days!!

Danny Bedrosian will be featured (along with his sister
Holly Bedrosian) in a book about Merrimack Valley
Armenians through history. The book, written by E. Phillip
Brown, and Tom Vartabedian, is available for pre order at
this link:

The Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army tour was a huge
success! Thanks to Barbara Thomas, Jason Smith, Nick
Pelkey, Jordan Paul, Martin Newell, Tony Scavone, Dave
Rosen, Straight Up, Sarah and the Wild Versatile, Brett
Badolato, Groovalottos, Blanket Party, A.J. Wachtel,
Joshua Lyford, Blake Maddux, Tom Vartabedian, Kevin
Johnson, and of course all our friends, family and fans
for coming out!

Danny Bedrosian recently got a lot of local press for his
upcoming Secret Army tour in New England. In addition
to his live one hour interveiw with Dr. Love on WRTC
Hartford Radio station, check out articles and interviews
with Danny in the Armenian Weekly (by Tom Vartabedian),
The Noise Magazine (by A.J. Wachtel), Worcester
Magazine (by Joshua Lyford), and The Salem Gazette (by
Blake Maddux). Danny Bedrosian, Lige Curry, and Benzel
Cowan of Secret Army are looking forward to playing the
upcoming New England dates which you can view

Danny Bedrosian's newest and eleventh album, the
CLOCK, is officially released! Pick up your copy today at
our merch page! Thanks for the continued support!

Danny Bedrosian was one of the 15 members of P-Funk
to be included in a brand new major music video for
George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic along with Ice
Cube and Kendrick Lamar. The release of this video is

The Bedrosian family welcomes into the world the
newest future genius/musician/human being, Ani Victoria
Bedrosian! Proud parents Lisa and Danny could not be
happier with this newest addition to the family!

The Summer 2015 Shake the Gate European Tour has
been a great success for George Clinton and Parliament-
Funkadelic with shows in Georgia, Netherlands, Spain,
France, Italy, Norway, and England. Catch P-Funk in your
country or city!

George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic played an
amazing show with the Family Stone opening at a more-
than-sold-out performance at the famous Glastonbury
Festival in the United Kingdom. BBC has filmed an
incredible video of the entire performance in front of
hundreds of thousands of screaming fans.

Coming VERY soon (this June), the new album from the
international Funk band - SPACE BUGS - the aptly titled,
PARTY OF THE P-BRAINS. This incredible up-and-coming
musical tour de force is the brainchild of Mr. Alessandro
Cavallaro, a brilliant Italian funk Drummer and Songwriter.
Featuring Danny Bedrosian of Parliament-Funkadelic on
Keyboards, Synthesizers, Lead Vocals, and Grand Piano!
From Danny himself - "One of the proudest albums I
have worked on by another artist in a long time. It is
funky, and soulful, and packs a heavy punch. A classic in
the making"
Featuring an array of gifted musicians from around the
world. Do not miss this amazing album, coming soon! Be
sure to like the Space Bugs group page on Facebook for
upcoming updates on the release.

George Clinton and P-Funk are in the middle of their 6
month, 5 continent tour, supporting the new album first
ya gotta SHAKE THE GATE. Catch this legendary band in
your part of town!

Upon completing the four continent "Shake the Gate"
tour, George Clinton and P-funk just appeared in the
newest issue of Rolling Stone. Get your copy on
newstands today.

The much anticipated George Clinton and P-Funk live at
Metropolis UK has been released in all of it's 3 Record, 2
CD and 1 DVD glory. This is an amazing live release and
has tons of extras and more, all packaged up in a
Chocolate box style format. Get it today!

The Armenian Genocide Centennial Concert held in
Tallahassee was a huge success. It was attended by a
very large crowd at Opperman Hall at FSU, and was
received extremely well by the community at large. Many
people came from as far as Gainesville, Jacksonville,
Tampa, Miami, and Atlanta to see this special concert.
Thanks to our sponsors at the Compatriotic Union of
Habousi, The Side Bar Theatre, Crepe Vine Restaurant,
Martha Cobb, and all our supporters.

Danny Bedrosian is proud to announce that Jon Milano's
amazing short film, "Straw Dolls' will be screened during
Danny's upcoming Armenian Genocide Centennial
Concert at Opperman Hall in Tallahassee, FL. The
concert starts at 8pm on Friday, April 17th.

Danny Bedrosian has been recording with George
ClInton on a new Parliament album coming out soon!
Other contributors include Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis,
Robert "P-Nut" Johnson, Tracey "Treylewd" Lewis, and
many more!! Coming soon!

Daniel Bedrosian presents: The Armenian Genocide
Centennial Concert: 3 Millennia of Music is now being
sponsored by the Compatriotic Union of Habousi, thanks
to a generous donation from said Union. Daniel's family
hails from the village for which the union is named, in
which educational endeavors and community outreach
amongst village members and their descendants in the
diaspora were of utmost importance. Daniel's great
grandfather Yeghia Bedrossian was the representative
of one of the three branches of the union, called the
Education loving Union of Habousi, and also was the
Secretary of the first Compatriotic Union of Habousi
gathering officially. He was also instrumental in the
compiling of the book about the village. Daniel is
extremely proud to accept this kind donation from the
fine people in charge of the Compatriotic Union of
Habousi. Daniel also wants to thank our other sponsors
thus far, The Side Bar, and Crepe Vine, both in
Tallahassee, FL, and Music of Armenia. Thank you so
much everyone, and we look forward to this amazing

Danny Bedrosian's tenth album, PIANO
IMPROVARIATIONS has been a few years in the making.
The Parliament-Funkadelic and Secret Army
keyboardist's true instrument is the Piano, and this
recording captures his improvisational essence quite
well, on a Kawai Grand Piano (recorded at Mason's
school of Music with David Cobb), as Bedrosian delves
into both variations from previous gems in his Secret
Army catalog, but also unleashes the beauty of his
singing voice on the captivating "Block on the World",
the uncharacteristic "Man out of time" and haunting
"Sorted Hysterics Calmed by a Gentle Mind". Perhaps his
most beautiful vocal (which also features the ONLY song
on the album not written by Bedrosian; also the ONLY
song with keyboard overdubs as all the rest of the album
is featuring per track, only one Piano) is the famous
Armenian Folk song written by Sayat Nova, "Blbouli Hid".
Bedrosian's arrangement employs a powerful three part
vocal harmony unheard in usual versions, implying
Bedrosian's influence by European and American choral
harmonic structures. It is a beautiful marriage of tone
and contrast. There are beautiful improvised pieces
about places in Bedrosian's upbringing, like Dover, NH,
and Methuen, MA. Methuen gets double credits in the
Searles and Soorj piece, dedicated to the Methuen
Memorial Music Hall, an early and heavy influence on
Bedrosian's piano style.
Indeed Bedrosian's many influences can be heard on
this album; Most notable is his teachers: Peter
Bedrosian, Jeanne Bedrosian, Bernie Worrell, and
Danny's favorite composers: Aram Katchaturian, Edvard
Grieg, Tcherepnin, Liszt, Bach, Beethoven, Diabelli, and
many others all play out in Bedrosian's subconscious
and psyche, contributing in a way that even Bedrosian
admits is very instinctual and based on the many years of
studying and enjoying the aforementioned geniuses'
music. "Katchaturians' Gayane, Piano Sonatinas, and
Toccata, as well as his Piano Concerto have had a
profound effect on my overall playing style, something I
did not realize til much later in my life. Also up there for
influencing my piano style early on was Grieg's Piano
Lyric Pieces, Piano Concerto, and Peer Gynt. I am of
course, heavily influenced by everything I have heard,
and everything from Church Music, to Armenian
Ashooghs, to Modern Classical, to Modern Jazz is heard
and expressed in my style, whether I know it in the
moment or now; but upon later inspection, I find myself
completely face to face with the great masters that
inspired me so much; I hear a lot of them in the
foundations of what has helped build my always
humbling and growing and changing musical
experience." Listeners will be awed, stunned and wowed
by the touches of authenticity that make up the many
faceted compositions on this album. It is an apropos
release, given the recent popularity of Bedrosian's piano
series concerts that have been going strong for two
years now in cafes, restaurants and bars in Florida, New
York, Georgia; Soon other states will join that list of new
spots for Danny's modern piano concerts, some of the
music which will come from this unique collection.
Come and hear what Danny Bedrosian's 30+ years of
straight piano and keyboard training have brought to
fruition. Piano Improvariations Vol I.

The Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army LOVEJOY tour was a
BLAST! Much love to all the people at all the great
venues for coming out and all our fans, friends, family,
staff, street team, and fellow musicians for all their help
and support! Thanks to The GOAT Soup and Whiskey
Tavern, The Old Town Pub, The Goosetown Tavern,
Alma's Only bar, Oskar Blues, Vail Ale House, Ullr’s
Tavern, Chris Murphy, Kurt Rosenbecker, Sarah Polvogt,
Victoria Rosenbecker, Mark Higgins, Bozfonk Colorado,
Mark Brut, Rocky Mountain Artists, Mike and Jimmy and
Mike of ZSC, All our great sound engineers, all the funky
dancers, all the owners, management, bartenders,
cooks, and everyone else who helped make this tour a
HUGE success! Thanks again, everyone!!

Danny Bedrosian is proud to present the upcoming
concert series in commemoration and memory to the
100th year since the Armenian Genocide. The concerts
will be held in Florida and Massachusetts; The Florida
show will feature an amazing band from around the
world: Along with Danny Bedrosian, performers include
FSU's own Dr. Michael Bakan, Dr. Silviu Ciulei, David
Cobb, Ramin Yazdanpanah, Stacy Christofakis, Margaret
Atayants, John O'Keefe, and members of the Omnimusica
world music group (their debut album is currently up for
a Grammy nod). The Florida show will be held at
Opperman Hall, at FSU's beautiful campus, on April 17th
at around 8 pm. Do not miss this amazing concert. The
Massachusetts show is still pending, as we are
searching for a proper venue. Stay in contact if you want
to help donate to this very important concert series
dedicated to the memory of the victims, and dedicated to
the spirit of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide.

The New Funkadelic album, "First You Gotta Shake the
Gate" comes out worldwide on November 25th! Features
performances by all your favorite Funkadelic members,
features quintissential Pedro Bell artwork throughout
and is a massive Triple Disc album with 33 songs, one for
each year Funkadelic has not put out an official album.
This is one for the history books! Do not miss this
amazing album!

Everyone at Bozfonk Moosick sends thanks and much
respect to all the people who helped make our Danny
Bedrosian & Secret Army New England ENDANGERED
tour happen!!! Thanks first and foremost to the
musicians: Lige Curry, Benzel Baltimore Cowan, Daniel P.
Bedrosian, and the Big Ol' Dirty Bucket, Mother Ton,
thanks for all the support! Much respect goes out to
Barbara Thomas, Tamia, Angela, Elena, Emily, Sara, and
the entire "I Stand Because" group, Leah Driscoll,
everyone at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA,
ReVerb poetry group, Kevin Johnson, everyone in the
Bozfonk Moosick Street Team New England, Nick Pelkey,
Jigs Music, Jordan Paul, Jason Smith, John Andrews,
James DaTolla, Johnny and Tim and everyone at the Jade
Dragon in Manchester NH, thanks to the Great George
Clinton for all he does for the FUNK in general, thanks to
ALL of my friends from Lowell MA, UNH & Pelham High,
Salem Creative Group, Brett Badolato, Dave Share, Sara
Seminski, Gabriel Cruser, Ben Hamilton, The Lawrence
Eagle Tribune, Kenwood Dennard, everyone at Ames Hall
in Salem MA, everyone at Bill's Bar in Boston, MA, NoBo
Arts, Nicholas Tsui, Ed Larson and the Brighter Side
Podcast, Phillip Colley and Uncut Funk, Keith Jackson &
P-Funk Radio, Jiggy, Marlon, and everyone at Paranormal
Hood Radio, everyone at Wefunk South, Coldfront
Publications, Craig Black, Rickey Vincent, Nathan
Boucher, Nick Groff, Josh Carraha, Elise Bedrosian, Lisa
Bedrosian, the entire Bedrosian family, and most
importantly OUR FANS...We had a blast playing music
from our whole catalog!! Great crowds, great sets,
fantastic times! Thanks again!!! Come back and see
Secret Army live in Colorado in January 2015!! Now, I
know we got VIDEO and multiple AUDIO from all of these
recent New England shows, so those who have copies of
any audio, video, and any publications I haven't seen...
please post away, and share! THANKS AGAIN!

Danny Bedrosian and fellow members of P-Funk
(including Micheael "Clip" Payne, Tonysha Nelson and
Patavian Lewis) joined George Clinton for a special sit-in
series of sessions with the Roots on the Tonight Show
with Jimmy Fallon. The band played P-funk favorites.
Bedrosian was a featured singer with the lineup that

Danny Bedrosian appears on Synthesizers and
Keyboards on George Clinton's brand new song
"Brother's Be Yo' Like George (Ain't That Funkin' Kinda
Hard on You) that comes free with his brand new book of
the same name, coming out later this month. The single
is just the first of a new collection of music from the
band, in an upcoming FUNKADELIC release. George
Clinton tours to promote his book this month all over the

Hey everyone,

Danny B here, hope all is well out there!! Miss you all;
Can't wait to come back up to New England for two big
shows with my band Secret Army! We are celebrating the
release of our newest album Endangered which has
received rave reviews all over the world!

The dates are:

OCTOBER 30 - BERKLEE - Students &
Faculty of Berklee only can attend -
"I Stand Because" event, Boston, MA 6 pm

Manchester NH 10 pm

OCTOBER 31 - Ames Theater, Salem MA
(Night of the funkin dead) 8 pm


We hope to see you guys at a show or two, and we hope
you can spread the word to all your friends as well! We
want to make these shows greater than ever before!
Thanks again for all your continued support; we love you

With much respect,
Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army

Danny, along with all of P-funk was turned into
Holograms for a video shoot via green screen in
Hollywood, CA, where the band treated the crew and
onlookers and friends and family to a complete set,
complete with many of Parliament-Funakdelic's finest
tunes; it is to be inserted via hologram technology, into
an upcoming release; more details coming soon.

Danny Bedrosian recently laid down Keyboards on a new
upcoming album by Jacksonville area Funk band First
Coast Family of Funk (FCFOF); the album will be released
soon; In addition, check out Bedrosian's contributions
on keyboards, piano, synth, vocals, production,
arrangements and more from the following groups with
albums also coming out later this year: Ishan Cooper,
Space Bugs, Appalachee Trio, Chilled Monkey Brains,
Less-on, and of course, Danny Bedrosian himself, who is
currently completing FIVE albums scheduled for release
at various times spread across the next year and a half.

Danny as usual was on tour with George Clinton and P-
funk on keyboards and vocals on the recent European
and U.S. tours that are still ongoing. Countries visited on
this most recent trip included Russia, Spain, Slovenia,
France, Finland, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands,
Germany, Norway, Denmark, the U.S., and more. Keep
track of all of Danny's most recent tourdates right here at
Tourdates page

Danny's official Novation article has just been published.
Go to the following link to check out the article, pictures,
and get news on upcoming special suprises from
Bedrosian and Novation! More to come! Check out the

Last night, the debut episode of American Restoration
that featured George Clinton, Danny Bedrosian,
members of the P-funk, and the new restored Chickering
piano, was featured for the first time on the History
Channel last night. Mr. Clinton, Danny, and much of the
What Studios family, Overton Lloyd, and many other P-
Funk family members watched the show from Danny's
Bozfonk Moosick Studios. A great time was had by all.
Keep watching the History Channel for more info on
upcoming replays of the episode.

Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army's newest album,
entitled ENDANGERED, is now available digitally at
cdbaby (
as well as Itunes, Amazon, Google, and all the great
places you can buy music digitally. It is also available on
CD, and you can pre order your copy today by going to
the Merchandise page, and ordering from our paypal! All
pre orders come with a free limited edition poster from
Bozfonk Stoodioze! Check out this newest album from
Secret Army today!

This from Danny Bedrosian "Just got back from Vegas,
we (George Clinton, Lige Curry, Steve Boyd, Sueann
Carwell, Stevie Pannell, Poo Poo Man, Tracey Treylewd
Lewis, Tra'zae Lewis-Clinton, and myself) just filmed an
episode of AMERICAN RESTORATION on the History
Channel; Rick and the guys from Rick's Restoration did a
MAGNIFICENT job on the old baby grand piano that
belonged to George for so many years... I CANNOT
held special value for me since it was the first keyboard I
ever played for GC and the guys (back in 2000 in
Monticello), and the History Channel connection was
cool for me too, being a degree holding HISTORIAN and
all... and all my History major buddies and old college
alums said that I didn't NEED my History Major to be in P-
funk, or that my P-funk job would not get me in doors in
the history world.... WELL, YOU WERE WRONG!!! A great
time was had by all, I met so many great people that i
admire, such as the historian Mark P Hall-Patton, Pawn
Stars regular, and head honcho of the famous Clark
County Museum and others, such as Danny from
"Counting Cars" who stood by me during the
performance with positive feedback, and of course Rick,
who did SUCH an amazing job, along with his whole
family and staff; What a great experience! Debuted FIVE
new songs off the next Funkadelic album (!!!) and a
couple of old favorites as well. NEXT: Europe."




This from Danny Bedrosian: "Just played a great private
party in VEGAS for Michael Jordan, and played a couple
songs alongside T-Pain and of course, we, the P-FUNK,
tore it up for the crowd."

After a successful show on the Tom Joyner Cruise in the
Bahamas, George Clinton and P-Funk return to the
mainland to get ready for an upcoming television
appearance in Vegas, to be announced! Come back here
for more info!

Danny Bedrosian did some filming with the Clinton family
for their upcoming reality show pilot aptly titled "The
Clintons" for Fuse TV coming soon. The taping took
place in Tallahassee, FL.

George Clinton and P-Funk just embarked on another
fantastic East Coast tour, with keyboardist Danny
Bedrosian now using the Novation Bass Station II on all
of his leads and synth solos in the shows... it has been a
great addition to his rig, adding never-before-heard
effects and sounds that Bedrosian himself crafted
himself from the amazing synth's programming
capabilities. Upcoming shows with the group include
tours in the Caribbean in March, Europe in April, the
American South in April, The American West Coast in
May, and more throughout the year, as well as other
great new releases and television appearances for GC
and the band in the coming months... stay tuned....

"From the Secret Army Songs for A Better Tomorrow
Tour in Danny Bedrosian's words.."

AWESOME! Thanks to our good friends in the Big Ol' Dirty
Bucket, as well as John Clavette Band, Eric, and all our
friends!!! It was so good to see old friends, members of
the street team, longtime fans, and LOTS of new
converts!!! Hey if you missed it, or if you just want to see
more, check us out Saturday night (officially tonight) at
See you there! What a great time tonight, MUCH LOVE!"

McCABES tonight!!! We have such dedicated fans!! I saw
friends from Southie, Worcester, Pelham, Durham, Lynn,
Tallahasssee, Somerville, Malden, Plainfield, and ALL
OVER!! it was a fantastic show, thanks so much for
coming out and enjoying the funk with us ! MUCH LOVE
TO Josh Carraha, Elise Bedrosian, Barbara and Keith
Thomas, Nephrok, Sean Gorman, Lige Curry, and
Benjamin Benzel Cowan!! WE PACKED THAT BAD LARRY
THE FUNK UP!!!! ZEEEEEEP!!!!!!!" (2/8)

It was an amazing show with LESS-ON, NICK GROFF and
the band (including on keyboards and band director,
Danny Bedrosian, on drums was Benzel, and on Bass and
auxiliary keys was Sean Gorman), at the Hard Rock Cafe
tonight... Great bands who played alongside us tonight
as well, (American Symphony of Soul, Rhythm and Beats,
Elijah, all our friends working with us (Anna, Justin,
Jiggy, Marlon, of course Veronique, and EVERYONE who
helped us) all the press and radio people who helped us,
and all the fans who came out to support!!!! MORE TO
ENTIRE EP of LESS-ON's music... a great time!

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic had some
great studio sessions with the amazing staff at
metropolis in london...from 2 pm to midnight we cut
some amazing sides INSTANTLY to vinyl.... awesome..
performed the classic song friday night august the 14th
with joss stone, and classic pfunk live and studio
favorites and some new stuff. Great dayWhat a great
time we all had at metropolis in London this week... the
same studio that everyone from amy winehouse to
queen to adele to michael jackson have recorded at.
Tons of albums were mastered there too, by not just the
aforementioned, but many others too, brand new number
one hit artists, to iconic artists like the beatles and many
more.. and saw the amazing custom equipment myself...
btw we recorded a monstrous live show and incredible
studio album straight to vinyl (super analog all live) at
what is easily the dopest studio I have ever had the
opportunity to record at. Thanks to Matt Hamilton and all
the fantastic staff at metropolis.

Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army embark on their ninth
tour ever, this time returning to New England for shows
in the greater Boston area. On February 6th, Danny
Bedrosian and Benzel Cowan of Secret Army are joined
by bassist Sean Gorman for a Nick Groff Presents Less-
on show at the Hard Rock Cafe. On February 7th and 8th,
Bedrosian, bassist Lige Curry, and Cowan will play the
Spotlight Tavern on Feb 7th in Beverly MA (with Big Ol
Dirty Bucket opening) and playing Bull McCabes
Saturday February 8th in Somerville, MA. Bedrosian,
Curry and Cowan are unveiling 6 brand new songs in
addition, so you don't want to miss this! Hope to see you
at a show! The Bull McCabes tickets can be bought at
Secret Army's Bull McCabes Event page on Facebook!
Look us up, and buy your tickets today!

It has been announced that NICK GROFF PRESENTS :
LESS-ON (featuring Danny Bedrosian and Benzel
Baltimore) will be debuting his EP worth of high calibre
hip hop at the HARD ROCK CAFE in Boston MA!!! Hosted
by none other than Ghost Adventure's Nick Groff, and
featuring a band that features P-funk's Danny Bedrosian
and Benzel "Baltimore" Cowan and more, Less-on's new
show promises to be a trailblazer, and will just be the
beginning! Immediately following the Less-on show, will
be two back to back SECRET ARMY shows at both The
Spotlight Tavern in Beverly MA on February 7th and Bull
McCabes in Somervill MA on February 8th. Don't miss
any of these shows also featuring on bass the mighty
Lige Curry, of course Bedrosian, Benzel, and many more!
Don't miss any of this fantastic music from Bozfonk
Moosick coming SOON to Boston!

Danny Bedrosian is excited to announce the
commencement of keyboard and vocal sessions at
Bozfonk affiliated studios for Italian funk musician Alex
the Space Bug on an upcoming album for his amazing
Funk band from Italy. UPDATE 1/17/14 - Danny Bedrosian
has laid down Keyboards, Grand Piano, Synthesizers,
Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals and Moog Synth on this
amazing new funk album from Space Bugs; Danny
Bedrosian said that the recordings represent some of
the most incredible music he has been a part of to date.
Stay tuned for this amazing project.

Danny Bedrosian is doing some sessions for the band
CHILLED MONKEY BRAINS in a few days, and has been
enjoying working on this material; check these guys out
if you haven't yet; their sound is like Heavy Ska and
Heavy Rock with an 8 Bit-infused Nerdcore sound. Check
out Chilled Monkey Brains, and be on the lookout for
their upcoming 2014 studio album featuring Danny
Bedrosian on three tracks.

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic turned out
2013 in style with back to back shows at the famous
Tipitinas in New Orleans, and brought in 2014 at a sold
out Festival in Downtown Houston, TX. For the New Year
included is a live studio album being recorded in front of
a live studio audience in London at the beginning of
February, and an East Coast U.S. tour at the end of
February and beginning to middle of March.

The Danny Bedrosian Secret Army Songs for a Better
Tomorrow Tour in Colorado was a smash hit this
December, spanning shows in Avon, Denver, Longmont
and Keystone, CO, with Bedrosian's Colorado unit of
Secret Army featuring drummer Chris Murphy and
bassist Kurt Rosenbecker. The band delved into a
multitude of tunes from Bedrosian's albums Somn
Fierce, Seri Mistik, the new Songs for A Better
Tomorrow, as well as Secret Army classics like Sleaziest
of the Greaze, Monster Peace, Lost Froth, even a
number of P-Funk and jazz/r&b favorites, and much
more. Bedrosian and company hope to return to the
mountains sometime in spring, maybe again in summer
for festival season, and of course for next winter as
always. Danny Bedrosian would like to thanks Mark Brut
of Rock Mountain Artists, Chris Murphy, Kurt
Rosenbecker, Sarah Polvogt, Tory Rosenbecker, R.J.,
Mike, Steve, Steve & everyone at Agave, Jeff and
everyone at Cherry, Rick and Pat Gardner, Chris "Goat",
& everyone at Oskar Blues, Scotty, Dewey, Derek, Jimbo,
Mike, Bobby, Laurie, and everyone at the Goat Soup and
Whiskey in Keystone, Adam "Smitty" Smith, all the fans,
all the great supporters who bought the new album, and
IZZY!!! Thanks everyone!

Danny Bedrosian (alongside drummer Chris Murphy and
Bassist Kurt Rosenbecker) is embarking on his third
Colorado tour, this time playing shows in Avon, Denver,
Longmont, Keystone, and more! Go to the tourdates
page to see more on this fantastic upcoming tour in
support of the new album, SONGS FOR A BETTER
TOMORROW, available now at our merch page.

You can now purchase Nick Groff Presents: Less-on -
DRINKS ON ME EP here at www.dannybedrosian.
com/merch, and at
html, as well as Less-on's newest site: www.lessonge.
Check out these new great sites, see Less-on's newest
music video for the first standout single from the EP
"Bottle Poppin", and check out Less-on, Nick Groff, and
their fantastic band live in 2014! But buy the album today!!

Nick Groff Entertainment and BOZFONK MOOSICK have
determined a November 11th release date for the new  
EP, Nick Groff Presents: Less-On - DRINKS ON ME.
Produced by Nick Groff and Danny Bedrosian, and also
featuring contributions from Marshall Shider, Steve
Boyd, Jr., and David Cobb, this EP is a collection of six
incredible singles eschewing the raw and intelligent hip
hop flavor emanating from the Chicago based lyrical
madness that is the man called Less-On. Get this when it
comes out, it will be available in both physical and digital
form, available for sale internationally at,
Itunes and all it's side companies, Amazon, Rhapsody,
Spotify, IMusica, Medianet, Napster, Google Music Store,
Google Cloud, Myspace Music, Reverbnation, and a
selection of stores worldwide, as well as right here at

BOZFONK MOOSICK STOODIOZE is proud to announce
the arrival of guitarist/songwriter Ishan Cooper from all
the way across the world in Australia to Tallahassee FL,
just to work with Danny Bedrosian and the BOZFONK
MOOSICK gang along with members of P-Funk and other
great musicians on Ishan's upcoming vinyl release,
which will be available for sale worldwide upon pending
release. So far, Bedrosian, Cooper, George Clinton,
Kokane, Benzel "Baltimore" Cowan, Jr., Sean Gorman,
Jeff Kassabian, David Cobb, and many more are involved
in this incredible project coming soon from Mr. Ishan

Check out these upcoming Somn' Fierce shows in
Tallahassee, FL.
Danny Bedrosian and Som'n Fierce
Live at The Side Bar (Openers and DJ to be announced)
Saturday October 5th Doors at 9:00 Price is 5
dollars at the door for 21 and over, and 7 dollars at
the door for under 21. Featuring Australian Guitarist
Ishan Cooper, David Cobb, Bakari Hines and more

Danny Bedrosian and Som'n Fierce
Live at the Club Down Under
Saturday October 12th Door times to be announced

Both shows are in promotion of Danny's new release
"Songs for A Better Tomorrow" which is now for sale and
can be purchased at: (physical copies) (digital downloads)

Much respect to all of you who always support BOZFONK
MOOSICK! more to come! Heres whats in the works
RIGHT now:

Nick Groff Presents Less-on: Drinks on Me (new hip hop
album I produced and played keyboards on, also
featuring Marshall Shider, Steve Boyd, Jr. etc.)

Moonchild Hye in the Sky (my sister's second album,
produced by me, and featuring myself, Lige Curry, Clip
Payne, and others)

Danny Bedrosian: Solo Piano Variations: My upcoming
Grand Piano album, showing my roots in the instrument
out by early next year or Christmas at the earliest.

Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army: Untitled as of yet, new
album (featuring Produced by me, and Featuring myself,
Lige Curry, Benjamin "Benzel" Cowan, Jr., Paul Hill, and
many others, by FAR turning out be the best Secret Army
album yet)

Danny Bedrosian: Sirt ev Ugegh (new electronic funk
album produced by me, featuring myself, Steve Boyd, Jr.,
Adam Trull, Jon Picken, and many more)

Mister Best: Chicken Pot Pie (new comedy album from
Bozfonk featuring myself, Steve Boyd, Sueann Carwell,
Lige Curry, Sean Gorman and more)

Clonin' the Wheel EP II (the second Chris Cornwell
funk/hip hop EP produced by Danny Bedrosian)

Upcoming Danny and Kendra EP (more to come on this!)

the new Danny Bedrosian album, SONGS FOR A BETTER
TOMORROW can now be purchased at www. at our merch page! check it out!!!!

It was an AMAZING SHOW LAST NIGHT (aug 31) at the
Miccosukee Root Cellar in Tallahassee, FL. Lots of great
songs, RARE pfunk (which is why i am posting this.... FL
funkers come to Tallahassee next weekend Sept 7th
same time same place, I will play the RARE pfunk you
want to hear!!)

DIVERSE list of all kinds of music

set one
COMPANY (sueann carwell)
SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME (nancy wilson/cannonball
SPACE CIRCUS (chick corea & return to forever)
BLACK STAR (radiohead)
I DISSOLVE IN YOU (secret army & c.l.o.n.e.)
CAN'T SHAKE IT LOOSE (pat lewis & funkadelic)
WHEN YOUR LIFE WAS LOW (layla hathaway & joe sample)
I'LL WAIT (the parliaments)

set two
SONATINA MOVEMENT 2 (aram katchaturian)
COME ON A MY HOUSE (ross bagdasarian & william
ECSTASY (the ohio players)
THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME (miranda lambert)
BLBOULI HID (sayat nova)
LONG WAY AROUND (parliament)
SHE'S GOT A WAY (billy joel)
LIVE UP (parliament)
SASOUNAR (Armenian patriotic song)        
KARMIR TSAGIK (danny bedrosian)
LET ME BE (parliament)
OPEN OUR EYES (funkadelic version)

Coming this Year! The New Danny Bedrosian album
SONGS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW! It will be available
right here at our merch page, or you can preorder today
on our paypal its at email
Send us $15.97 ($25.97 for foreign buyers), and we will
send your signed copy, and you will get a free prize as
well! This great album is a piece of history in the making!
Secure yours today!!

Danny Bedrosian will be, as usual, playing Keyboards
and Synthesizers and singing on the upcoming P-Funk
tour of Europe this summer. There are lots of suprises in
store for fans, as there will be a lot of great shows in the
area, so we hope you can catch George Clinton and the
P-Funk for the whirlwind tour of both Eastern and
Western Europe. Dates include stops in Russia, France,
the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

ROOT CELLAR was fantastic once again! Chef Matt was
making masterpiece after masterpiece once again;
thanks to Reuben, Dolly, and everyone there as usual!
The ENTIRE staff was great as always, and the AUDIENCE
was full, loving, and intelligent! A great thing for
musicians! Much love to you all! A great time was had;
the set was as follows:
Save Your Love for me
Wrong Dimension (from sleaziest of the greaze)
When your life was low
Erzroumi Shoror
Dark Eyes
Space Circus
California Dreaming
Munchies for Your love/Dope Dogs
Khatchaturian Piano Sonatina mvt II
Fell like Making love
Khatchaturian Nocturne
Cryin' has made me stronger
Black star
Lets make it last
Come on-a-my house
Blbouli hid
Can't shake it loose
Karmir Tsagik (from my upcoming album)
For all we know

Danny Bedrosian just came off of his second Brazil trip
with P-funk since joining the band. This time, the famed
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic played at a
500,000 people strong cultural festival in Sao Paolo,
which is also the 7th largest city in the world, population
wise. The trip concluded with another well received
event in an indoor venue that also attracted a large
crowd. A great time was had by all the band, and the
group wishes to extend it's hand of friendship and
gratitude to the fans and staff who helped make this trip
possible. New announcements for a summer Russia and
Europe tour have been announced! Go to the tourdates
page for more info!

Fresh from a Three Continent tour over the last two
months, P-Funk Keyboardist Danny Bedrosian performed
an intimate set, at the Root Cellar in Tallahassee, FL on
SATURDAY, May 11th, at 7:30 pm.  Some of the songs
played at the set included:
Improvisational piano number
One Nation under a groove part two
For All We Know
Save your Love for Me
I can feel the ice melting
Ice melting in your heart
Space Circus Part I and II
Khatchaturian's Piano Sonatina Movement II
Khatchaturian's Nocture (masquerade)
Munchies for your love
When your life was low
California Dreaming
The Song is Familiar
Lets Make it Last
My Country Life
Karmir Tsagik
Wrong Dimension
Feel Like Making love
Let Me Hear it from you
Blbouli Hid
That Kind of person

Thanks everyone for coming out to the solo piano
performance at the Miccosukee Root Cellar on the 11th.
The next one is June 7th.

4/20/13 -
George Clinton had another great Japanese tour, with
Danny Bedrosian on keyboards. The band did a fantastic
live DVD recording on Tokyo television as well during
the trip, which took the band back to Billboard Live in
Tokyo for six shows, and in Osaka for a further two shows

Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army played the most
amazing show at the Lounge in Melbourne, Australia a
few days ago during the Pfunk australia tour. Danny
Bedrosian, Lige Curry, and Benzel Cowan pounded
through "amped up" (as P-funk vocalist Paul Hill has put
it) jam after jam at the jam packed club. Special guests
included Garrett Shider, Trazae Lewis-Clinton, and Ishan
Cooper. Much of the P-funk was in attendance at the
show as well (Mike Hampton, Mike Clip Payne, Paul Hill,
Dwayne Dungey, Rickey Rouse, and others). It was a
night to remember, and a special thanks goes out to
Simon DeLacey, Ishan and Inala Cooper, Jure, Simon and
Shawn from the Lounge, and all the fans!!!! we love you!!


Danny Bedrosian just got off the most recent George
Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic tour, which was met
with praise all over the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, and
Midwest. Next up for the band includes dates in the U.S.
South, the full AUSTRALIA tour, the U.S. West coast, the
full JAPAN tour, further Midwestern U.S. dates, and more.
Keep track of all of these and all of Danny's live exploits
in general on the tourdates page, which is always being


Danny Bedrosian has a series of new dates on solo
piano at the Miccosukee Root Cellar in Tallahassee FL
this winter. He will be appearing from 8-10 pm on
Saturday, February 2nd, Friday, March 15th, and Friday,
April 5th. Don't miss these incredible solo performances
with just Danny, a piano and a microphone.


AMAZING!!!!! Much thanks to Chris Murphy, Justin
Francoeur, Casey Sidwell, all our fans, and the great
people at The Vail Ale House (Gregg, Jason, Steve and
all the guys and gals), our new friends at the Goat
(Dewey, Arnie, Jimbo, Derek, all the great fellas there),
and our great friends at Ullrs (Matty-O, Rebecca, Andy
and all the great people there), Sarah Polvogt, Jeremy,
Mike and Jim, all our fans for coming out, and the great
people of COLORADO. There is a place where music is
STILL king.

Danny Bedrosian's debut solo piano show for
Miccosukee Root Cellar in Tallahassee, FL was a huge
success! Everyone in attendance had a great time, as
Danny delved into his solo catalog on just piano and a
microphone-going into P-Funk classics, Jazz standards,
R&B Ballads, Armenian Folk Songs, and much more.
Everyone at Bozfonk Moosick and Wefunk South looks
forward to the next outing, and wants to thans Reuben
Fields, Chef Matt, Dolly, Brett Richter and everyone from
the Root Cellar, as well as their great customers, and all
of Danny's fans, friends and family who came out. Thanks
to all.

Nick Groff's second album, Spiritual War: Good Vs. Evil,
is now on sale here at
This incredible album features Danny Bedrosian, Michael
Anderson, Rico Lewis, David Cobb, Elise Bedrosian,
Jonie Blinman, Kim Kane, David Sean Rodella, Jon
Picken, Michael Mouracade, and many more!! Get it today
while supplies last!

Check out the new Day in the Life of Nick Groff at
and see Nick in his usual day with family, friends and
coworkers, including Bozfonk's own Elise Bedrosian, as
well as Other Side bandmembers Danny Bedrosian, Rico
Lewis, David Cobb, Dan Forberg, Sean Gorman, DJ Kos,
Michael Anderson and of course Nick Groff himself!
Check out this great special featuring a day in the life of
Nick Groff.

Danny Bedrosian is being utilized as an historical source
on an upcoming trilogy of books being written. Look for
more information on this in the coming months.

Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army are releasing a special
"digital download only" Single called "SUNNY SIDE UP". It
was written by a group called the Appalachee Trio, all
made up of BOZFONK MOOSICK regulars Sean Gorman,
David Cobb and John O'Keefe, with additional
compositional credits to Bedrosian and Secret Army
bassist Lige Curry. It is coming out through all our digital
distributors, so be on the lookout for this brand new
download only single!!

There are talks in the works for a brand new
collaborative album between Danny Bedrosian and
longtime bandmate Kendra Foster. These two artists
have played in a dozen or so bands together all over the
world, and have begun talks on a electronically released
album or EP that will be coming out in the coming
months.  Be on the lookout for this new project in 2013!

The Nick Groff THE OTHER SIDE debut concert at Scare
Fest (held in Lexington KY) was a huge monster of a
performance, with videography, a live band, a D.J,
singers, costume changes, coreography, a grand
entrance, and a cataclysmic encore, this band truly
delivered the goods. Led by Ghost Adventures' own Nick
Groff, and membered by P-Funk members Danny
Bedrosian as music director and keyboardist, as well as
singing, and Rico Lewis on drums and master of
ceremonies. Also in the group was Classically trained
upright bassist from Florida, Sean Gorman who also sang
backup, multi talented South Carolina raised David Cobb
on guitar and backup vocals as well, New England raised
keyboardist Dan Forberg, and the amazing D.J. Kos, as
well as Mike Anderson who was Nick's hype man, adding
an altogether energetic flavor to the great group. This
concert was one not to be missed. We hope you all can
make the next one, as the band plans more work for the
future, in support of the Other Side albums (available at
our merch page here), and the upcoming new album,
due out later this year.

The Danny Bedrosian and SECRET ARMY album LOST
FROTH, is now available right here at www., and at CDBaby both digitally
and physically! It will also be availalbe at thefunkstore.
com and Newbury Comics locations very soon! Keep a
lookout! And be sure to request Reaction Time or
Torgom the Giant on 106.1 in FL, or The Mothership Funk
station in Knoxville, TN, to name but a few of the stations
playing hot new cuts from the album! Spread the word,
pick up your copy today, and celebrate LOST FROTH with

We want to thank the Hopyard (Ely and everything who
works there), as well as our dedicated family of fans and
friends from the FL area, and of course the BAND!
Thanks to Ramin Yazdanpanah, Mikiael Victor, David
Cobb, Silviu Ciulei, and Danny Bedrosian, as well as Lisa
Bedrosian, Paula Cobb, Jess Gaboury, and Georgia Gunn
for selling merch, taking pics and video too! Thanks to all
our fans from FSU, all our FUNKY music fans who came
to the show and everyone who bought a copy of the new
album!! We really appreciate the support, and we are
proud to say that there will be many more shows with
this lineup!! STAY TUNED FOR THE TOONS!!!!

Show at the Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, MASS was held
on August 17th. WOW!! What a great turnout!! I want to
personally thank the Big Ol' Dirty Bucket, Brett Badolato,
David, Andy, all the great folks in that funky funky band,
as well as Mark and all the great people at the Spotlight
Tavern, and of COURSE, the members of Secret Army
who could do the
STEVEN ROBIDOUX. Thanks to all our fans and friends
who came to the concert and bought a CD, thanks to our
P-funk friends, Berklee friends, Lowell friends, family,
and Of COURSE my buddy NICK GROFF (who made a
special appearance and sold copies of his new album),
and of course Veronique Groff, Mike Anderson, Lisa
Cloutier Yeghiazarians, and Vartan Yeghiazarians for
coming and showing support! What a great time!

Thanks to all our friends in the ICP clique, and all the
Juggalos out there for making P-Funk accepted into
their family. P-Funk played their second live
performance at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos in
Cave in Rock, IL, and it was a fabulous gathering once
again, featuring such other acts as of course Insane
Clown Possee, as well as side project Dark Lotus, and
other acts like Onyx, Kool Keith, Static X, Pharcyde,
Raekwon, and many others; even Ron Jeremy joined in
the fun as he is known to frequent Juggalo gatherings. A
great time was had by all.

the new secret army album entitled LOST FROTH
promises to be the best yet, featuring a slew of great
live tracks from shows in the band's past 6 tours. Also
are four or five brand new studio tracks, ALL LIVE
DRUMS on the album, and really a spotlight on the

You can go to and on
the muzzle moosick album, just go as if you were
purchasing that album, and in the description on the
purchase, write that you want to actually pre order the

Featuring Rico Lewis, Danny Bedrosian, Lige Curry,
Michael Maloney, Elise "Moonchild" Bedrosian, Kendra
Foster, Marc Munoz, Dwayne Dungey, Jeff Kassabian,
and Steve Robidoux!

FOR FREE FROM BOZONK (Rare CD's, Posters, Digi
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Celebrating George Clinton's 71st birthday, much of the
P-Funk, including Danny Bedrosian, was at the party for
Dr. Clinton on St. George Island on the 22nd, with a
veritable who's who of Pfunk and non Pfunk celebrities
alike, the night concluding with a massive jam session.
To cap off the weekend, there was, open to the public, a
candid fishing trip with Dr. Clinton and an art show on
the 23rd featuring Clinton's artistic work, as well as P-
Funk artist Overton Lloyd, and photographer William
Thoren, whose work graces some of the pages of this
site as well. Everyone here at BOZFONK MOOSICK would
like to wish Dr. Clinton a very happy birthday, and look
forward to celebrating another 71 or more with the
interplanetary maggot minister himself.

Danny Bedrosian is proud to announce that the long
awaited live SECRET ARMY album entitled LOST FROTH,
is finally forthcoming! August 14th is the release date for
this monster of an album also featuring Danny
Bedrosian, Rico Lewis, Lige Curry, Michael Maloney,
Elise Bedrosian, Marc Munoz, Kendra Foster, Steve
Robidoux, and more! Don't miss this incredible new
album from BOZFONK MOOSICK, coming this AUGUST!! It
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com to preorder your copy of LOST FROTH securely

The latest P-Funk tour has concluded, rounding up 30 of
the 50 U.S. states in 30 days, traversing 12,000 miles
total. The Next P-Funk Tour starts in Texas June 15th,
and ends in France July 3rd; go the the Tourdates page
right here on this website for full details.

The 420 Funk Mob Live AT THE RED FOX TAVERN in
EUREKA, CA. Special thanks to Loren, Brian, Brent, Fuzz,
Bryan, Greg, and all our friends up in Humboldt County!

Funky Woman
Clip Monolgue
Red Hot Mama
Joyful Process
Mothership Connection (star child)
Funk Get's Stronger Part I
Mr. Wiggles
Do That Stuff/Baby I owe You Something Good Medley
Wars of Armageddon
Cookie Jar
Clip Monologue II
Nothing Before Me But Thang

The band was absolutely on FIRE.

Michael Clip Payne
Michael Kidd Funkadelic Hampton
Gabe Undisco Kidd Gonzalez
Lige Curry
Danny Bedrosian
Greg Thomas

SETLIST FOR 420 FUNK MOB in L.A. at the Mint

Amazing show, lots of highlights. Here is the set:

U.S. Custom Coast Guard Dope Dog
Nothing Before Me But Thang
Mothership Connection (star child)
Give up the Funk (tear the roof off the sucker)
Night of the Thumpasaurus Peoples
Clip monologue I
Wet Didjeridoo Jam
Clip monologue II
Rat Kissed the Cat
The Goose
Red Hot Mama
Alice in My Fantasies

Michael "Clip" Payne - Man in the Box, Vocals
Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton - Guitar, Vocals
Gabe "Undisco Kidd" Gonzalez - Drums, Vocals
Lige Curry - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Danny Bedrosian - Upright Piano, Melodica, Synth, Vocals
Greg Thomas - Alto Sax, Vocals, Percussion

George Clinton - Vocals
Sheila "Amuka" Horne - Vocals
Tracey "TreyLewd" Lewis - Vocals
Lili Hayden - Electric Violin