Lisa Bedrosian

Lisa Bedrosian is an integral part of the BOZFONK MOOSICK team. She handles many aspects of the
company and works very closely with the various departments, bands, artists, and groups that make up

Lisa graduated from Florida State University, an anthropology major; Currently she is and has been a
member of the web team for the State of Florida Department of Revenue. Lisa is also well traveled, and
has been to Central America, Australia, and all over North America in her travels.

As a web designer, Lisa’s unique abilities have given BOZFONK MOOSICK the website www. and all its environs and related pages. Lisa is the webmaster and handles all
changes that Danny and other members of the staff request for the page; This can mean, among other
things, uploading news, songs, videos, pictures, artwork, photographs, tourdates, bios, discographies,
new information, and much more to the ever expanding website.

Lisa is a devout leader in the BOZFONK Florida Street Team, which is the largest of the BOZFONK
street teams. She has handled many aspects of team leadership with the street team, in forms such as
advertising campaigns, shipping supplies, merchandise, and press kits, working closely with other street
team members to deliver good results, and communicating with her own network of volunteers in
BOZFONK street teams in various places. Lisa helped recruit BOZFONK street teams and members in
Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and as far away as Australia, a street team she single-handedly
helped set up.

Lisa works very closely with Danny’s main group Secret Army, and has helped the group in various
photographic aspects, as well as the obvious web design help, and advertising, promotions, marketing,
and tour management on shows away from the home region of FL. She has also dealt in many booking
aspects for the band and has done everything from production to tour management to photography to
hospitality, to accomodations, to transportation, to merchandise at the drop of a hat.

In fact, Lisa has done much in the Art Department and Photographic/Design departments of BOZFONK
and WEFUNK SOUTH, and has taken pictures at shows for Secret Army, Som’n Fierce, Asphalt Panda,
Unfunkwitable, Children Of Production, The Soular System, and many more.

Lisa is instrumental in setting up the Paypal account, and handles a small portion of the merchandise
department. Her main concentration in this aspect is with the sales of merchandise on Danny’s website
and paypal, various mail orders and the like.

Lisa also has her own jewelry making business, specializing in handmade, beaded necklaces, earrings,
and other jewelry available to purchase online. her company, Lisa's Birthday Beading, does parties for
youngsters as well. Her newest endeavor involves her brand new skin care line: Harmonia.

Lisa even contributed a couple of voice overs on two of Danny’s seminal works: Som’n Fierce (“Corn”)
and Secret Army I (“Tune for the Toons”). In addition, she has lent her consultation and expertise to art
direction on albums such as the new Natalie Scott release, "It's On".

Currently, Lisa is continuing to help expand the operations of  BOZFONK MOOSICK, and WEFUNK
South; She has been instrumental in the shipping and preparing process for the Nick Groff albums both
released in 2012, and when it comes to really anything affiliated with her husband, Danny Bedrosian,
Lisa is a dedicated, hardworking, diligent, professional, and absolutely vital part of the team.