Bassist, Guitarist, Educator,
Engineer, Songwriter, Vocalist,
Percussionist, Multi-Instrumentalist,
David W. Cobb began his musical journey in 1991 as a member of his junior
high school’s brass section, where he gained an appreciation for classical music
and large ensemble playing. In 1993 he was lured by the sounds of strings and
began teaching himself guitar and electric bass, expanding his classical
background into the American styles centered around these instruments: blues,
rock, and soul. An early love of Celtic music and a general xenophilia drew him
to World music and he found inspiration in these exotic sounds. Cobb started
electric and acoustic bands with friends and family and graduated high school
with a self-produced album under his belt. Nothing Rhymes With Orange is nine
tracks of original rock music with elements of soul and classical, which featured
not only David’s song and lyric writing but his horn arrangments, as well as his
multi-instrumentalism. He continued his studies of euphonium from 1992 through
his freshman year at Brevard College, which he attended on a brass
scholarship, all the while expanding his string technique and learning jazz theory.
It was while playing bass in the B.C. Big Band that he had the chance to work
with guest jazz cello virtuoso Hank Roberts and he was inspired to study
composition. Cobb transferred to the University of South Carolina‘s
theory/compostition program and began his study of classical guitar  with
Christopher Berg, while learning the art of singing with the school’s University
Chorus. He found a home in Columbia with Siddhartha, a five piece progressive
rock band, and became a music contributor as well as their chief lyricist. Their
1999 album, T=C, was an impressive weaving of influences from classical to
World music and further featured David’s bass playing and arrangements for
horns. Post-collegiate projects in Columbia, S.C. includes bass work with Fuse,
a fusion jazz quartet, J’Ouvert Steel Band, a steel pan ensemble specializing in
the music of the Caribbean/Latin America, Jeff Liberty Blues Band, a hard-
gigging blues trio, as well as studio work with Israeli composer, Ayala Asherov.  
Cobb is the bassist for Danny Bedrosian’s Som’n Fierce and is also the
understudy for P Funk bassist Lige Curry in Bedrosian’s Secret Army. He is the
bassist for Maharajah Flamenco Trio, a high-energy Flamenco Nuevo trio, and
the guitarist for Apalachee Trio, a mix of chamber jazz, Americana, and World
music. Recently, at the invitation of Michael Bakan, Head of Ethnomusicology
and World Music at Florida State University, David has joined the school’s
Omnimusica Intercultural Ensemble as the bassist. David has also worked in the
studio and on stage with Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures. A music educator
since 2005, David teaches private lessons in fretted strings, brass, and
percussion in Tallahassee, FL where he currently resides. He is the
owner/operator/engineer of Brandywine Hall, a performance and recording
space. With his wife, Paula Leverett Cobb, they comprise the art and design
team that produces all of the web and promotional content for Apalachee Trio
and Maharajah Flamenco Trio.

Northside Junior High School Concert Band 1991-1994
Greenwood High School Symphonic Band 1994-1996
Greenwood High School Golden Eagles Marching Band 1993-1996
Governor’s All Star Band 1995
Brevard College Symphonic Winds 1996-1997
Brevard College Brass Choir 1996-1997
Brevard College Big Band and Jazz Combo 1997
University of South Carolina University Chorus 1999-2000
Recipient John Phillip Sousa Band Award 1996
Bachelor of Arts in Music, University of South Carolina 2002

1996 - David Cobb - Nothing Rhymes with Orange (1 CD)
1999 - Siddhartha - T = C (1 CD)
2005 - Jeff Liberty Live at Joe's (1 CD)
2011 - Maharajah Flamenco Trio - Live @ 501 (1 CD)
2012 - Nick Groff - The Other Side (1 CD & Download)
2012 - John O'Keefe - True North (1 CD & Download)
2012 - Cobb & O'Keefe - Spontaneous Creation (Download only)
2012 - Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army - Sunny Side Up (Download only)
2012 - Nick Groff - Spiritual War: Good Vs. Evil (CD & Download)
2013 - Catch the Gold (CD & Download)
2013 - Maharajah Flamenco Trio - Encuentro (CD)
2013 - Danny Bedrosian - Songs for a Better Tomorrow (CD & Download)
2013 - Nick Groff Presents: Less-On - Drinks on Me EP (CD & Download)
2014 - Omnimusica - Ashrei (CD)
2014 - Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army - Endangered (CD & Download)
2014 - Danny Bedrosian - Solo Piano Improvariations Vol. I (CD & Download)
2015 - Coop DeVille Presents - Bat Funk Crazy in 3D! (Vinyl, CD, Download)
2015 - Space Bugs - Party of the P-Brains (CD & Download)
2016 - Danny Bedrosian & Motherfunkin - Dan-ish: Bozfonk Mashups
2016 - Danny Bedrosian - My Oldest Friend (CD & Download)

you can reach David Cobb at treespeechmusic@hotmail.com