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Blackbyrd Mcknight is a Band Director, Lead guitarist, and a songwriter for numerous bands
and artists in popular and jazz fusion music, including Herbie Hancock/Headhunters, and
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic/P-Funk All Stars.

In the early stages of his career, Blackbyrd mainly worked with Jazz musicians, such as Charles
Lloyd, Sonny Rollins, Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters, and more. He then directed his path
towards funk when he joined George Clinton & The Pfunk in 1978. Other than working with
Pfunk artists such as George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and Bernie Worrell, Blackbyrd has also
worked with Miles Davis, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ron Wood & Bernard Fowler of the Rolling
Stones, Bill Laswell, HR of Bad Brains, Macy Gray, and Fishbone to name but a few.

Blackbyrd’s fusion of jazz, rock and funk, which he calls “Progressive Funk-Rock” is a unique,
beautiful and innovative entity within itself.

Blackbyrd’s work “Blackout” was used on Screen Scene on BET, and “Why Should I Dog You
Out” was used on Legends on MTV, as well as being it’s own video when released in 1990.
Blackbyrd has performed in such films as “PCU”, “The Night Before”, “The Breaks”, and has
appeared on a slew of television shows; “Saturday Night Live”, “The Tonight Show”, “Late Night
with David Letterman”, “The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame”, “Motown Live”, “New York Undercover”,
“The Bernie Mac show”, “Last Call with Carson Daly”, and appeared at Woodstock ’99. He has
also performed in The FunkShip Nike commercial aired in 2002.

Blackbyrd Mcknight is a testament to the amazing innovations happening largely unnoticed
outside musicians’ circles in American Popular Culture and was just recently cited by Outkast as
being their inspiration for the guitar parts on their hit “Bombs over Baghdad”. Aside from guitar,
he is a multi-instrumentalist, also mastering bass guitar, drums, percussion, and
songwriting/production on a solidly powerful and virtuostic scale.

Harriet Roberts-Only the Lonely (song)
Herbie Hancock-Man Child
Herbie Hancock-Flood
Sonny Rollins-Nucleus
The Headhunters-Survival of the Fittest
The Headhunters-Straight From the Gate
Mark Anthony Thompson-Watts Paris
Charles Lloyd-Gita
Charles Lloyd-Morning Sunrise
Toshi Nobu Kabuta-Such a Funky Thang
Virginity-Self Titled
The Nomads-Self Titled
Bennie Maupin-Slow Traffic to the Right
Funkadelic-Uncle Jam Wants You
Funkadelic-The Electric Spanking Of War Babies
Funkadelic-Picture Disc Box Set Volume 1
Funkadelic-Picture Disc Box Set Volume 2
Funkadelic-The Best of Funkadelic 1976-1981
Funkadelic-The Whole Funk & Nothin But The Funk
Funkadelic-Cosmic Funkers
Funkadelic-The Legends Collection
Funkadelic-Original Cosmic Funk Crew
Funkadelic-The Complete Recordings 1976-1981
Funkadelic-Ultimate Funkadelic
Funkadelic-First You Gotta Shake the Gate

Parliament-Medicaid Fraud Dog

Parliament-Funkadelic-Motor Booty Affair Tour (DVD)
The Pfunk All-Stars-Urban Dancefloor Guerillas
The Pfunk All-Stars-Hydraulic Funk
The Pfunk All-Stars-Live at The Beverly Theater in Hollywood
The Pfunk All-Stars-Bit Fish Tour (DVD)
George Clinton-You Shouldn’t-Nuf-Bit-Fish
George Clinton-Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends
George Clinton-R&B Skeletons in the Closet
George Clinton-The Cinderella Theory
George Clinton-Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some of D.A.T. Volume 1
George Clinton-Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some of D.A.T. Volume 2
George Clinton-Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some of D.A.T. Volume 3
George Clinton-The Best
George Clinton-Hey Man, Smell My Finger
George Clinton-Live & Kickin’
George Clinton-Six Degrees Of Pfunk
George Clinton-Best Of Live
George Clinton-Greatest Hits
George Clinton-500,000 Kilowatts of Pfunk Power
George Clinton - Blipp five song download with the Book Brother's be yo like George...
George Clinton-Parliament-Funkadelic-Pfunk All Stars-Dope Dogs
George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic Best of Live 1976-1992
George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic-PCU Soundtrack
George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic Live in Atlanta 1996 (DVD)
George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic-Instant Live The State Theater
George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic-Instant Live Music Midtown
George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic-Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival (CD & DVD)
George Clinton & The Pfunk All-Stars-Rockpalast (DVD)
George Clinton & The Pfunk All-Stars-Funk Em Agin…For The First Time Live In LA
George Clinton & The Pfunk All-Stars-Go Fer Yer Funk (Family Series Volume 1)
George Clinton & The Pfunk All Stars-The Awesome Power of A Fully Operational Mothership
George Clinton & The Pfunk All-Stars-Original Hit List Live
George Clinton & The Pfunk All-Stars-Hyburn Live at Shwagstock
George Clinton & The Pfunk All-Stars-Live in Long Beach
George Clinton & The Pfunk All-Stars-Live in France 2005 CD & DVD
George Clinton Presents Our Gang Funky
George Clinton Presents The Pfunk All Stars-How Late Do You Have 2BB4UR Absent?
George Clinton’s Family Series-Volume 3-Plush Funk
George Clinton’s Family Series-Volume 5-A Fifth Of Funk
Brides of Funkenstein-Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy
Brides of Funkenstein-Live at the Howard Theater, Washington, D.C.
Andre “Foxxe” Williams-I’m Funk & I’m Proud (The Foxxe Files)
Mallia “Queen Of Funk” Franklin-Funken Tersepter
Joseph “Amp” Fiddler-With Respect
Axiom Funk-Funkcronomicon
Incorporated Thang Band-Lifestyles of the Roach and Famous
Jimmy G & The Tackheads-Federation of Tackheads
The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Out in L.A.
Pfunk Guitar Army-Tributes to Jimi Hendrix Volume 1
PVine-I Heard It Through the PVine
Straight From The Streets-Increase the Peace Volume 1
Frankie “Kash Waddy-Kash Up Front
Lige Curry-Introspective
Lige Curry-In & Out of Space
Danny Bedrosian-Secret Army
Sativa Diva-Jersey Girl
Foley-Seven Years Ago
Imagine-Tribute to John Lennon
Danny Bedrosian-Incompetence DVD
Bootsy Collins-Christmas Album
Danny Bedrosian - Sleaziest of the Greaze
Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight 'himself' - Bout Funkin Time
Danny Bedrosian - Muzzle Moosick
Danny Bedrosian - Muzzle Moosick Digi Card
Bootsy Collins - Funk Unity Band album

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