Upright Bassist/Contrabassist,
Electric Bassist, Guitarist,
Songwriter, Engineer, Multi
Instrumentalist, Educator,
Head of "Pretty Cool, Music's
Cool", Banjo player, Vocalist,
Drummer, Percussionist

2002 - Tom Sawyer River Trash - Riverboat Jamboree (CD-R)

2010 - Me & The Devil - Self Titled EP (CD-R)

2011 - Natalie Scott - It's On! (CD)

2011 - John Deming - Tugboat EP (CD w/Chapbook & Download)

2011 - Danny Bedrosian - Seri Mistik (CD & Download)

2012 - Nick Groff - The Other Side (CD & Download)

2012 - Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army - Sunny Side Up (Download only)

2013 - Danny Bedrosian - Songs For A Better Tomorrow (CD &

2014 - Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army - Endangered (CD & Download)

2015 - Coop DeVille Presents - Bat Funk Crazy in 3D!

2016 - Danny Bedrosian & Motherfunkin - Dan-ish: Bozfonk Mashups

2016 - Danny Bedrosian - My Oldest Friend (CD & Download)

2017 - Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army - Eightfinity (CD & Download)

2018 - Danny Bedrosian and Sean Gorman - GIFTEH! (Download)

2019 - Danny Bedrosian - LUSINE & AREV (CD & Download)

CONTACT Sean Gorman at
Born in Sarasota Florida, Sean Gorman was trained to play at the
Florida West Coast Symphony Youth Orchestra(92-00) and went to
High School at a Visual and Performing Arts High School(96-00).
Sean's time at Booker High led him into playing Jazz. During his stay,
he played with and was coached by Leon Merian (Gillespie,
Fitzgerald, Millinder), Wynton Marsalis and many other guest
clinicians. His private classical teacher was Grace Sexton, member of
the FWCS; through Sexton's great teaching abilities, and due to Sean's
early talents, he earned four trips to FMEA's All State Orchestra and a
full scholarship to FSU under her tutelage. At FSU, Melanie Punter (St.
Lukes Chamber, Atlanta Baroque, TSO) became an inspiration to
change bow holds from German to French and study the delicate
styles of Baroque Music. This combined with playing in the school's
University Symphony, and Philharmonic; While playing Classical solo
literature for a Performance Degree in Double Bass Sean was led into
a deep appreciation for the styles of the masters. Through interaction
and conversations with guest conductors and performers such as
Bobby McFerrin and Joshua Bell, there became a notion that classical
music needed better outreach programs and groups that were
bringing new listeners into the fold. As far as composing music after
college, Sean has aimed at blending Jazz, Classical, Hip-Hop, Blues,
Rock, World, and any other musical influence which will lead to
audiences appreciating the nuances of classical music he is able to
slip in. He is involved in several recording projects for Danny
Bedrosian of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, including Nick
Groff, Natalie Scott, and Bedrosian's solo projects.