Rapper, Musical Artist, and self-described, first and foremost as
father of 3, Leslie Jones A.K.A. Less-on was born on January 18th,
1985 in the heart of Chicago. Lesson was raised there, and spent
time as well in Minnesota, Florida, and North Carolina, before
really getting serious as an artist, (Rapper) producer, and
engineer. That being said, he started writing music at the age of
14;  It was introduced to him by an old best friend Kyle Rooney.  
Lesson has always loved Hip-Hop music, as it was said that he was
beat-boxing by the age of 1. It was like his lifestyle of music was
ordained. Performing is his passion; he believes that's how he
breathes the real feeling of his life into his music. He's done lots of
live performances at various venues, and has become very
experienced in his musical pursuits. Most recently, Lesson was
featured on a few tracks on Ghost Adventurer Nick Groff’s second
album Spiritual War: Good vs. Evil, which has sold very well
internationally, both in hundreds of physical copies and thousands
of streams and downloads digitally. The next venture, along with
Groff, and P-Funk keyboardist Danny Bedrosian, is Lesson’s new
debut EP, packed with five amazing, smash hits in the making. To
accompany the new release, Groff and Bedrosian have put
together a band for Lesson, with the vision of North American and
eventually, International touring for this gifted young artist. Music
is his life other than GOD and his Children; says Lesson, “I eat,
sleep, and breathe music. Without a microphone and equipment I
would die inside, there are a lot of people trying to be rappers
but I'm here and ready to show the world what hip-hop is all
about. The game needs changing and I'm the perfect suit of
clothes for it.”

Less-on is represented by Groff Entertainment and Bozfonk Moosick. All
Rights Reserved. All songs Copyright Less-on, Nick Groff, and Danny
Bedrosian. Published by Groff Ent (BMI), and BOZFONK MOOSICK (BMI)

2012 - Nick Groff - Spiritual War: Good VS. EVIL (CD & DOWNLOAD)

2013 - Less-On - DRINKS ON ME EP (CD & DOWNLOAD)

2016 - Less-On - The Realist (cd & Download)

2016 - Danny Bedrosian & mothafunkin - Danish: Bozfonk Mashups

Groff Entertainment and Bozfonk Moosick present Drinks on Me, the
debut EP from Chicago rapper Less-on. Rapper, producer and
engineer, Leslie Jones (a.k.a. Less-on) establishes himself as a
thundering new voice on the contemporary hip-hop scene in this six-
track EP. The songs range from the energizing, feel-good club anthem
and title track “Drinks on Me” to the expressive ballads “So Close” and
“Have Nots,” which detail the sometimes harsh realities of the modern
world. Collaborating on this album are Marshall Shider, Steve Boyd Jr.  
and Danny Bedrosian of the renowned Parliament Funkadelic as well as
Nick Groff from the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.

Drinks on Me lays the foundation for a successful career, as it
establishes Less-on’s distinctive sound and delivery. Listeners will not
forget his voice’s throaty resonance or his commanding intonation. The
opening track hooks the listener with its upbeat, confidence-inspiring
lyrics -- “I’m feeling good, / I’m feeling great, / I’m in a blissful mode” –
and appeals to rap fans spread over the North American continent with
its shout-outs to diverse locations such as Brooklyn, the Bronx,
Boston, Texas, Atlanta, Mexico, Minnesota and Chicago.

The persona depicted in these songs is multi-dimensional. Fatherhood
and spirituality concern him in addition to bottle poppin’ and paper
chasin’. Less-on balances a cocksure charisma (“…I’m a crazy cat /
They love my shit so they play me back / Got no time for you lazy cats /
Catch me on the floor bouncing like a maniac” from “Bounce”) with
genuine solicitude regarding civilization’s decline: “but this life’s so
disgusting / so I walk around like ‘Fuck it’” (from “So Close”).

The album closes with a track titled “Have Nots,” which details
economic hardship and confirms faith in family and morality: “We know
it’s wrong to sell drugs and blast glocks / But we have born around
drug dealers and crack spots… // But I’m struggling / trying to get this
rent and these lights paid / Man, yo, I hate / being broke on a nice day /
And then I think about my kids / and now I feel life’s great.” Ultimately
confirming human vitality in an often unsympathetic and callous world,
Drinks on Me emboldens and exhilarates its audience.

Although this EP is his debut, Less-on has also been featured on Nick
Groff’s latest album Spiritual War: Good vs. Evil. Find upcoming tour
dates and more information on Less-on and his projects at http://www.

Written by Melinda Wilson,
Published Poet, Writer, Literary Critic, Professor, Co-founder and head of Coldfront Magazine & Publications.
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